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The fact is that we are going no where with this, when we keep changing the system. When the new batch of teachers step in, who are prepared to teach Maths & Science in English, the system changes to BM. Then 20 years from now, it'll change again when we are said to be incompetent in using English. And the cycle goes on and on. The fact is that Malaysian Education is never conclusive and entrench in whatever decision that is made. In the end, unnecessary changes are made. New textbooks need to be written etc etc, bearing rather a very high costs.

But to me, it is no need for the government to change the language. Some says the outskirts suffer because of this, I don't deny that-some teachers teaching maths & science find that they are teaching English Language instead of the subject!- but seriously man, they failed to see that this is the batch that didn't start using English since Primary One, so their fundamental skills are not there. As for those in the outskirts who are still young, who have learnt Maths and Science in English since Standard 1,they should be better off prepared.

In the end, Science and Maths changes back to BM. I just wonder, why are they not focusing on changing the syllabus to less exam-orientated. Instead of changing the language, they should change the syllabus first.
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