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I'm applying for an undergraduate BSc in Psychology. After graduating can I apply for a job in a hospital setting? You see, I really love the hospital environment. Why I'm not a doctor, pharmacist? Because I didn't do well in my pre-u studies. Am I really interested in Psychology? Yes, absolutely!

I know that I need a master degree/doctorate degree to secure a job working in a hospital setting, eg MSc in Clinical Psychologist and whatnot. But what I want to know is can or can I not apply to work as a psychologist in a hospital just with a bachelor degree? Do some counseling and therapy under the supervision and guide of a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist, like that...

All what I have heard for now is that I need a Master degree. Yes, I'm planning to get my master should I graduate, but for now, all I want to know is that can I apply with my bachelor degree in psychology a job in a hospital? I'm planning to work for several years to pay off my student loan before I continue my Master. So, if I obtained my Bachelor degree, it won't be the end, I still want to further my studies but for now... for now, can I or can I not apply for a job in a hospital just with a BSc in Psychology?
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