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Originally Posted by pIawks View Post
and how do u define as being successful in life?
OK, I'm back from the gym. So this is what I think about being successful in life:

1. Being successful isn't about making millions of dollars of money (but having more money sure helps makes life easier)
2. Being successful is about setting goals for yourself and try to achieve them, because success doesn't come without setting goals.
3. Being successful doesn't mean that you can't fail in achieving your goals; sometimes circumstances are always against you, or sometimes you might have miscalculated your abilities to achieve that goal. Failing is also part of success (you succeed the moment you try - if you fail, at least you know that your method didn't work).
4. Being successful, above all, means that you have done your best, that you are happy about what you have achieved (and not mope about your failures), that you have wronged nobody (apologise to that person if you have) and that you stay true to your own principles.

Originally Posted by plawks View Post
Why did you choose your avatar?
Long story... there was a moment during Christmas some two years ago when we were talking about Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, and for a while quite a few of us started putting up avatars with Rudolph in them. I'm just too lazy to change my avatar after the hype was over.

Originally Posted by Nicholas92 View Post
Oh I notice you're actually the 'Iron Boot' now rather than the Casanova.

You just noticed? SLOW...

Originally Posted by Zulhelmi View Post
Kinda bored and read up the whole thread... Didn't know that mr henry here is from Alor Setar.
Nope, I'm not from Alor Setar. I'm afraid you misread my statement. For a while after my graduation I was travelling around in Kuala Lumpur and Alor Setar. I was doing my Master's in UTP while waiting for other offers abroad. My professor often brought me to KL for meetings at the Twin Towers or for his special lectures tailored for professional engineers (they must also attend courses to fulfil the hours required to keep their P.Eng. licence).

But at the same time, I was also very engaged in musical activities (I'm a pianist, and was the president and student conductor of the Chinese orchestra at UTP). As my orchestra instructor was based in Alor Setar, I made quite a few trips there and also Penang.

With all that said, I'm actually an Ipoh boy.
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