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im from sp,born in sp wahaha!

Originally Posted by Fire_Spectar View Post
For the more modern hangout spots; Central Square, Village Mall (eventhough it is technically not SP but oh well...), Tesco SP Selatan.... where else??

Touring the streets of Sg Petani will deem more appealing to travellers. Old shops like bakeries, jewellers, motels, food stalls, restaurants and sports equipment keeps their authentic looks all year around. (Not to mention cheaper price~!!!)

I could find my way around Sungai Petani like the back of my hand!!

Anyone would like to share any specific places to note in Sungai Petani?
hehe i usually shopping sakan at cs aka central square,during raya normally
tis raya i want to buy that crocodile sandal,arr~ *dream of*

pantai merdeka chalet! i've been there
enjoyed swimming pool only bcz the beach was dirttyy~
omg! haha

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