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Originally Posted by kinon View Post
I have been trying to learn 5 different languages german, french, mandarin, japanese and arabic but i never reach even a sentence in any of these language.... I wonder if i do need to write them down and say them rather than just read and hear.

I'm also trying to learn russian language(slavik) and hindi language. I hope someone can help me master them please really need to know the details to study them! Oh btw youtube is one of the best learning source for language truly thankful for it
I'm studying Japanese, and I'd like to share about learning Japanese. When you read Japanese, do you only read romaji? I would say that it's much easier if you learn hiragana and katakana first. By doing this, you'll become more familiar with the sound system. Besides, it'll be easier to understand how particles (no, wa, ga, ni, etc) work in constructing sentences. Romaji does not represent these well, and they are not really standardized, so sometimes you'll be confused by romaji.

If you already learned hiragana and katakana, then you're on the right track. If you're interested on how to read Japanese, learning kanji along the way is pretty fun too. You don't have to know all kanji characters, just pick up the most commonly used kanji will be good enough for a starter.

After that, learn particles first. They are really important. Only when you understand how to use these particles that you'll be able to make sentences. Of course, you'd have to learn a set of vocabulary too
After that, study different sentence structure, how to say the same thing in different ways.

I'd say that learning a language requires a person to listen and speak. Try to repeat what you heard, make your own sentences and say them, and make simple conversations with others.

I hope this answered your question a bit.
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