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Originally Posted by Voltman View Post

What is the approximate percentage of intermarriages between Chinese Malaysians and Indian Malaysians?

Is social taboo to interracially marry in Malaysia?

As we head into the future, are Malaysians expecting a major soar in interracial marriage between these two ethnic groups?

Is there still a preference to marry someone of your own ethnicity in Malaysia?

How is the situation over there?
Google is a great help with statistics in what we cannot provide.

Depends the family backgrounds involved. Some families have conflicts of traditions they practice. Not to mention religion is also a sensitive issue when it comes to interracial marriage, unless both parties practice the same. Interracial marriage is not rare amongst Malaysians. In fact, in certain states the culture of Nyonya Baba (Chinese-Malay interracial marriages) is a heritage that has found a place in our history books.

I would not say definitely yes, but if you ask me, I still would want to marry a Chinese girl There are some who are also setting sights on foreigners. Maybe they are getting bored with the local scene? LOL

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