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  #1 Old 11-11-2012 Default Rosmah Butting in at Chong Wei's Wedding Reception?

483099_495799663785835_1879212075_n.jpgSo...been seeing this go around Facebook.

Pictures show Rosmah at what appears to be Lee Chong Wei's wedding reception - she's sitting right between Chong Wei and Mew Choo, and people are criticising her for wanting the limelight so much that she'd come between the couple and take centre stage.

Thoughts? I'm obviously no big fan of Rosmah's, but even then, this strikes me as a very weird way to seek attention. I mean, she would have been just as prominent sitting right beside them, or something. So is this really her doing?

I know lots of us are really inclined to peg her as an inconsiderate attention-seeking woman (and to some degree I consider her as such) but I still have a hard time believing that this is only that. Are missing something here? Could it just have been an unfortunate logistics thing? Was she maybe just sitting there for a short while rather than through the whole thing?

Not having watched any video of it, I can't really judge for sure.

Ideas, anyone?
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