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Now that many has discussed about the critical field such as Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy.I like to ask about students studying Engineering who are/were JPA scholars before.

As I'm a PPC (Program Pelajar Cemerlang) student, currently doing Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering in Japan, I like to know about the how's the bonding like.

Indeed I'm bonded to gov for 5 yrs in the contract but so far I have heard there's limited vacancy for engineer in gov. Due to that, I'm doing my job hunting in Japan now. I'm considering using "recommendation" to get a job and with that method, there is an unspoken contract of working for the company for 3 yrs.

Here I like to ask if there is any PPC student who works in the public service department or who knows clearly about this bond. If you have this experience, pls tell me your way of solving it. Btw, what are the jobs available for mechanical engineers in gov?

Thanks in advance.
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