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well i think since u wanted the scholarship in the 1st place. U shld serve the bond. I mean if u want question tht it is not so comfortable to work in malaysia ...working condition not condusive not much ....etc. Then u Should not have applied and accepted the scholarship in the 1st place. JPA is goverment agency , they offered the scholarship coz they wanted the best minds under them. Plus , JPA scholarship is first and foremost a financial aid. It is not a reward to the best student in the country. It is part of the affirmative action for those needy and poor people to climb up the economic ranks. The point is the scholarship is a privililage and not ur right. BUT i understand if u like to serve a few years overseas ....before coming back. Tht way , u can earn much sort after working experiance. I feel tht JPA scholars shld work in workplace of their choice for the first 7 years to gain experiance. then they can intiate reforms and be more productive when they start to serve the government.

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