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Originally Posted by iKoMetaga View Post
Yeah I agree that scholars sent overseas need to step out of their comfort zone and make themselves more approachable to the local community. As long as nothing is compromised (values, religion, friendship) then why not?
Originally Posted by kaze View Post
The problem with our scholars sent overseas is that they usually do not interact with the native speakers. Instead, they tend to live as a group of Malaysian student;, and always conversing in other languages (i.e. Malay, Mandarin) with each other, which in turn, defeats the purpose of why they are sent to study overseas.
Logically speaking, sending scholars to the overseas is for them to learn a new culture (experience different working styles, different way of thinking, etc) and not for the sole purpose of learning a new language.

From the way I see it, some of our scholars are not open-minded enough. They like to compare Malaysia with the foreign country they are in. These scholars will normally complain a lot, saying "in Malaysia it is like this (better), whereas here it is like that (worse)". This is also the reason why they stay in their group of Malaysians. They are trapped in their own little box, unable to step out into the brave new world.

Some of them just need a few years to adapt to the new culture, others...are...sadly...incurable...

Anyway, staying in a little group of Malaysians does have its own benefit: keeping your own language (Malay, English, etc) fluency intact. But you should not stay in the same group all the time. Interacting with the local community does help a lot in improving your grasp in a foreign language.

In response to the bolded sentence, kaze, you will be surprised that the amount of scholars who do not interact with the native speakers is actually very little compared to those who do interact. Well, that is at least from what I can see.
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