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Originally Posted by stupidboy View Post
Logically speaking, sending scholars to the overseas is for them to learn a new culture (experience different working styles, different way of thinking, etc) and not for the sole purpose of learning a new language.

In response to the bolded sentence, kaze, you will be surprised that the amount of scholars who do not interact with the native speakers is actually very little compared to those who do interact. Well, that is at least from what I can see.
I am not saying that learning a new language is the sole purpose of sending scholars overseas, but I do believe part of the reasons why they send scholars to some English-speaking countries is so that these students will be much more fluent when communicating in English. I do agree that the whole different cultural experience, working style, quality of academics, etc are also the reasons why they send scholars to overseas.

My statement before about the group of scholars which does not interact with the local community is only a generalization, it does not apply to all scholars studying overseas. I didn't mean to say that this group is larger than the other, but I recognize this as a problem.
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