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  #1 Old 25-06-2012 Default Edexcel A-Level Books + STPM brand new book FOR SALE

#1: CGP AS Bio (original)
I swore by this book for my AS exams. Didn't let me down. Goes by the spec and tells you exactly what you need to know.

#2: CGP A2 Bio (original)
Equally as good. Summarises well.

#3: Edexcel A2 Biology Revision Guide (original)
Looking completely new. Hardly used this but it has excellent diagrams and good revision questions.

#4: Dynamic Learning A2 Biology (color-printed and bound in 4 thin, easy to carry books!)
It's a good textbook with lots of details and explains concepts quite well. Has a code inside for you to access an online textbook.

#5: CGP AS Chem (original)
Enough said, love the CGP series.

#6: CGP A2 Chem (original)
Depended on this most of the time!

#7: Edexcel A2 Chem Revision Guide (original)
Looking spanking new as well.

#8: Edexcel AS Chem Revision Guide (photocopied black and white)
I might just give this away to anyone who gets the other books. =)

#9: Redspot 1000 Chemistry MCQ with HELPS, Frequently Examined Questions

#10: Edexcel C4 textbook. (colour-printed and bound)
Very helpful with examples and a topic summary for each chapter. Used this way more than the black textbook.

Don't have a book but I've got pretty decent typed notes printed in colour. All based on textbook. Anyone doing psych?

#11 Ace Ahead Chemistry STPM Text (Third Edition) Volume 1 and 2 ORIGINAL
Pretty much untouched.

More info here:

Books in very good condition, please contact me if you want them! Subang area.
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