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I went to Nepal last summer, volunteering in a small village. and surprisingly, there are some Nepalis in that small village can speak pretty good Malay Language. Malu to say that I think one of my Nepali fren speaks Malay better than me.
He told me, thousands of Nepalis are working in Malaysia now. My cousin was working in an Indonesian maid agency last time and she always brought some Indonesian maids to my house when they cant find a place for those maids who have problems with their employer. There are some Bangladesh men in the company my father working now, and they came to my house during Chinese New Year.
I dont know what to say when those Nepalis told me 'Malaysia is a very good country, I think I can get a good job there.' and I just told them, 'ok, you can come, but please promise me that you go and apply proper visa, behave well, dont come illegally or do sth bad in my country.'

Do we have so many jobs for those foreign workers? Are we really welcoming them? Are they happy in Malaysia? (unfortunately most the people I met are not so happy there, and that's why my family always try to be kind to them) & I am a foreigner staying in another country and I really appreciate those local people who are kind to me.

& What do you think?
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