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  #1 Old 27-04-2011 Thumbs down Drugs & Smuggling

Of late there have been a lot of news on drugs and smuggling, usually including women duped by their partners in the name of love to 'help carry a package' across international borders. On the other hand some knowingly do it for money.

In the case of people being duped:
What's most important is to forewarn others to always check what you're carrying, especially when travelling abroad and even more so when what you're carrying wasn't packed by you (which you shouldn't be carrying in the first place!).

Here are some articles of Malaysians in the news for drug smuggling.

The Star, 25 April 2011 - Iban girl is latest M?sian drug mule nabbed in China

NZ Herald, 27 April 2011 - Ten couriers in record $10m P bust

There's only one word to describe the latest incident, of the 10 Malaysians busted in Auckland Intl Airport - stupid.

Please don't be so dumb as to smuggle drugs no matter how hard pressed you are for cash. You destroy other people's lives, their families - and most importantly you did it knowing full well you are going against the law. Where's your moral conscience?
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