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Originally Posted by joan2468 View Post
I think atheists simply feel that they do not need the comfort of having a god around to live, and that the world simply exists because it exists. A religious teacher once said to never question the origins of god. But if we ask how the universe and everything in it came about, the next thing we should ask is how god came to be, why he created everything, etc. It's like the 'which came first, the chicken or the egg' conundrum. Humans can claim that they know god has grand schemes, but are we really in any position to say such things? Who are we to claim that we know what god thinks, whether or not he has grand schemes? We will simply never know, and the people who do know are in no position to tell us.
yup there's no end to this discussion, till then let us dictate life's meaning from our own intuition

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