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Originally Posted by apambalik View Post
hope im not offending anyone but i feel disturbed by the idea cuz my mind is more like daisies n sunshine. TO ME embracing atheism is to embrace all that is dark n gloomy (i dont bout u tho so dont feel offended)

hinging on the belief that there's a one omnipotent entity out there gives me comfort but that entity is not what most religions make it up to be. so thats my philosophy.

a quote i like to ponder on from the movie Kingdom of Heaven:
"if he is god he will understand"
main character's response to a priest against the burning of corpses for fear of their salvation. burning corpses was a way in medieval times to avoid infection

thank u for clarifying n bearing with my ignorance.i've been in a former soviet country and people there say soviet communism forces atheism in their beliefs. n yes they do suffer spiritually.pity them. struggling to find meaning.
Then I pity you, for failing to see the meaning from the other side of the fence. There are lots of ways that people can find meaning to life, not just from God himself. No one, deserves scorn just because he don't believe in another's religion.

The basic tenet of peace is understanding. If we refuse to accept others as they are, regardless of race, religion, and even political belief, there will never, ever be peace. Shake away that pity or yours, no one needs it.
"Never argue with an idiot (or a troll)… they’ll just drag you down to their level and beat you to a pulp with their experience." -Internet 1:1

It is always good to be naive, for when we cease to be naive, it is the end of life as we know it!

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