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Originally Posted by iKoMetaga View Post
Yeah, and if people come asking you to carry their stuff in your luggage with the excuse that they are overweight, just kindly refuse. You could very well be spending your entire life in jail from that one kind action. Sounds like common cents, but it still happens. But I think my mum is a little too paranoid. She makes me tie my luggage zipper to zipper so that no one can sneak anything inside =___=
I do that. I'm paranoid and I take it as a precaution step as well. Hahah better do all we can to prevent bad things from happening. Besides, if my luggage is sealed (?) from zipper to zipper, no one can sneak anything out of my luggage, tho I doubt I have anything anyone would wanna steal hehehe.

As for African men being attractive, isn't there something like "Tall, dark and handsome" to describe very attractive men? In general, an African fits all three characteristics, if your definition of handsome is tall and dark.
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