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I have met a few friends who did come to Japan and work illegally without a visa. Many of them come to Japan using the Travelers Visa and never go back until they have earned enough. I have been to their apartment and I was really shocked when I found that there are more than 12 people staying in an apartment with 2room.The room is full with nothing but double decker beds and the clothes are all hanging around those beds. Some of them are doing 2 jobs or more at a time.

Back to the topic. I think we can?t just say that they are happy or not but I think the time when they feel like happy should be less than us. Working in a bad condition, getting the lower pay then normal Japanese worker (this implies to all foreigners with or without visa), living in an extremely small space and wont spend even a yen to even buy a bottle of soda. Some of them who are lucky and work under a good employer may have the visa if the employer helps them to apply it but to those who are unlucky, their life will be always in the dark side.

About welcoming them or not, basically I don?t think Japanese welcome them in Japan( I mean those come illegally) and basically I myself too wont be happy to see those who work in Malaysia illegally. Get a visa and work, then it will be good for both.

Being kind to them or not? Erm.... I think I will be kind of them as long as they don?t cause me any trouble Actually 2 foreign workers did help me before when my bike was stuck on the railway (well, the tyre was punctured and I was using the shortcut by crossing the railway ) I waved at them and they did help me without saying a word and just went away even before I say thanks... Yeah, they are human too and the main reason they are here is to WORK
, and send back the money to their family.Not to cause problems. No one will like to be like that but they are those unlucky ones who have to go through all these.So, i dont see any reason why shouldnt we treat them kindly
and yup, i like the idea of be kind to all ;)

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