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Originally Posted by Beanie View Post
Hi everyone,
I know KTJ and KYUEM both have good track record in sending students to top universities, but how would you compare these two colleges? Which is better in terms of preparing students to go to top notch universities?
Current students or former students of these two colleges have something to say?
I hope to know more, thank you.
I am currently a student from KYUEM. Hence my sources about KTJ might be a bit biased/unreliable but bear with me.

- Boarding schools
- Significant number of expatriates (teachers)
- Excellent students, excellent staffs
- Both : far from civilisation
- Have a good system/department that process students' UCAS application

- KTJ more expensive (RM70k) while KYUEM costs you around RM50k for January intake
- KTJ, in terms of accommodation and food, much more better
- I believe KYUEM has more expats compared to KTJ
- KYUEM, January intake (18monthers) take AS and A2 level together in May/June, KTJ separately - AS in Oct/Nov and A2 in May/June
- KTJ, you need to wear uniforms, KYUEM, only formal clothings

In terms of preparing students to further their education overseas, moreover pre-eminent universities, I believe KYUEM has done a remarkable job. There are a lot of classes prepared by experienced teachers (ie. Engineering prep course by a teacher who holds a PhD from Cambridge; Law/History prep by our very own headmaster from Oxford) to polish those students who would like to apply to OxBridge or other top Unis.

KYUEM is a great place!
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