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Originally Posted by babymekimmy View Post
General Paper is a compulsory paper for each college when taking A Levels right? But it is not counted as a requirement for entry to university. Therefore when choosing the number of subjects to take for A Levels, do we include the general paper as well? As I have gathered on various Google searches and forums, most universities require 3A's but there are many who are taking 4 subjects and they say taking 5 is really too much of a burden for a student.

So lets say I'm interested in taking Economics, Psychology, Mathematics and Eng. Lit, + General Paper, does that mean I am taking 5 A Level Subjects and will be really tough to cope up with? Or is this the normal 4 subject combination most students take?
Where will you be doing your A-levels? As far as I know only TAR College forces their students to take General is technically a subject, but most universities discount it, so if you don't have to take it, I would suggest you don't.

You have the same subject combination as me (sans Maths, swap that with Biology). I'm doing Edexcel A-levels now and I should think it would really be burdensome if you had to deal with General Paper on top of your other subjects.
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