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Originally Posted by Nicholas92 View Post
Also, when choosing subjects, do make sure they're recognised by the unis...some so-called 'non-traditional' subjects don't look as good to unis. I'm not sure if Psychology is in this category, but I'm pretty sure it's not one of the 'traditional' subjects (which would be stuff like Maths, the Sciences, Economics, History, etc.). And some unis say they're alright with it, but may not be entirely supportive of it (see more specific student forums for this).

Lastly, note that when it comes to undergraduate Law or Psychology (and similar subjects), there's no need to have the corresponding A-Level subject - in fact studying at A-Level won't really help you much at all, so if you're interested in taking Psychology at A-Level because you may want to do it as a degree, know that it isn't really necessary.
Psychology isn't really considered a "traditional" subject, but most universities don't mind it. I know a bunch of people who were admitted to places like Oxford, and took Psychology for A-levels. I would avoid taking A-level Law though, especially if you are planning to do law for your degree - most universities just seem averse to the idea somehow, so best not to risk it.
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