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Originally Posted by joan2468 View Post
Psychology isn't really considered a "traditional" subject, but most universities don't mind it. I know a bunch of people who were admitted to places like Oxford, and took Psychology for A-levels. I would avoid taking A-level Law though, especially if you are planning to do law for your degree - most universities just seem averse to the idea somehow, so best not to risk it.
I do know that most unis aren't really hung up on non-traditional subjects, especially if you've already got 3 traditional ones, but I was saying that it depends on the uni - so best to check.

Haha yeah taking A-level Law, and then applying for law, won't help at all (although like I said, I don't think it hurts if you have 3 other regular subjects). Likewise I think Psychology does not help with Psychology, but doesn't really count you out anywhere.

My mentality still is: if you want to take a non-traditional subject, make it your fourth rather than third one. Just to be on the safe side.
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