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Originally Posted by joan2468 View Post
MQA subjects are compulsory for every student in every college, yes, but most colleges, as far as I know, don't force you to take General Paper (which is different from the MQA subjects).

I'm at MCKL now, in my second semester. I did both my MQA subjects this semester, and yes, I'm not taking General Paper so I only have those 4 subjects.

Well I do find it interesting, but I should warn you that it can be hard to score. Like if you get how to answer properly you'll do well, but if you can't, then your grades would probably be terrible.
OHH, so GP is different from MQA. I see. So you can choose to do MQA at the semester you want, and once its done you don't have to study it anymore?

How is MCKL? The lecturers and students there? Since Edexcel is using a modular system, do you think it would be hard to adjust back to an examination system during your degree years? That is one of my concerns. But grade-wise, there is absolutely no discrimination against Execel when it comes to getting accepted into uni right? (because people say it is easier to score with Edexcel)

I think I could try out with Psychology first, and if I can't manage then I'll drop it? But then, I have to pay the fees for that subject, don't I? So if I drop it then its like a waste of money. D:
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