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Originally Posted by stupidboy View Post
Before accusing someone of confusing people, you might as well give us some arguments to your stated points. I, on the other hand, gave some examples.


May I ask how you write Cantonese or Hokkien or Hakka? Using Chinese characters which are recognised in the world as the official way of writing Mandarin. In other words, what I called dialects use the characters from Mandarin. They don't have their own form of writing. Alsatian only exists in spoken form to the contrary of Catalan.

It's true that you might get punched in the face in Barcelona for saying that Catalan is a dialect, but that is only because they're proud of their language and that they're not open-minded enough to accept it as a dialect. It's the same for calling a Basque a Spaniard. I've met some before. Before I knew where they come from, I heard them speaking Spanish so I asked if they were from Spain. They replied "NO!" and said that they were from Basque. Wonderful...

By the way, I'm NOT from Malaysia but I'm from Sarawak.

Anyway, could I please have some examples of Spaniards who don't speak Spanish?

That's how I see it from my understanding of the differences between the definition of the words "language" and "dialect".

Another way to see it is that every existing languages and dialects are actually dialects and they were all derived from the only language ever existed :

Spoiler: (click to show/hide)
Go to the linguistic department of your university and check it out. If that is too much, go look it up on wikipedia. Saves me the trouble of sharing what actually is a universal truth. I'm not getting paid to write up an analysis of this.

Spanish as we know it is Castillian. If the spanish empire was centred around Barcelona, we would be arguing if Castillian was a dialect or otherwise.

There's a lot of misleading information here. To get to the point quickly, Mandarin like any other Chinese languages are local to the area spoken, you take it as a language while others are not because Mandarin is the official language of the PRC, ROC and the Qing Dynasty. The courts of the Tang and Song dynasties do not speak Mandarin.

Which essentially means, there's no basis in dismissing other Chinese languages as dialects. In a parallel universe, Cantonese could well be a language while Mandarin is a dialect, if political power centred around guangdong. Get it?
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