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Originally Posted by shuwenteo View Post
So you're still hoping the government can change? You must be living in a fantasy world.
So what's your point? Are you saying that he's implying Himpunan Hijau should distance itself from Bersih because he thinks the government could be changed? Because I didn't see the link in your reasoning at all.

And to answer that question, the government definitely *can* change - IF the electoral roll is cleaned up. Why do you think it's also very urgent that this be done? Bersih is doing this because it is politically expedient, yes - they NEED to pressure the government now, because if not now, it *definitely* means another 4-5 years of a government that might not have a mandate.

The opposition won very close to 50% of the popular vote last election. If the system is cleaned up, we can at least have a more balanced representation. Changing the government is not some optimist's fantasy, it's a very reachable reality - even if not by this election.
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