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  #1 Old 13-01-2011 Default Debate Battle 1: Is Wikileaks justified for the greater good?

Debate Battle 1: Is Wikileaks justified for the greater good?

Wikileaks, arguably the most famous (or infamous) whistle-blower website ever in history, has stirred up a storm of controversy by leaking confidential information of governments and corporations all over the world. While most countries have condemned the irresponsible actions of Wikileaks, a significant number of people, as well as many journalistic institutions, have chosen to defend Wikileaks on the basis of freedom of speech and information. However, is Wikileaks justified for the greater good - the greater good of all?

Debaters should put forward arguments within a time limit of 48 to 72 hours. Opinions will be limited to an approximate 200 to 400 words to encourage an active exchange of ideas, thus contributing to a thorough discussion. Only one post is allowed per debater.

Additional rebuttals are only allowed if necessary AFTER ALL DEBATERS HAVE POSTED THEIR FIRST ARGUMENT.
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