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Supporting Statement

Whistleblower site Wikileaks has created havoc throughout the world with its plethora of exposes of secret diplomatic cables, something which has never happened before. Thanks to Wikileaks, the true face of world diplomacy, some surrounded by hatred, has finally been revealed. Regardless of its implications, I strongly believe Wikileaks is justified for the greater good of all.

All of us are particularly concerned with transparency and accountability, on how our government is run and how our money is spent. We need transparency for the global society that we have created. Some startling revelations by Wikileaks have enlightened the people that their governments have been abusing their power. The people have the right to know all secrets, although some might be deemed only appropriate to the government. After all, in a true democracy, the government is the servant and the people are the masters. A government is elected by the people through the ballot boxes and hence, the government is accountable to the masses. Thus, the people can judge for themselves the government of the day. These revelations show a seamy side of the political world, where we all had grounded suspicions, but no clear certainty. Without Wikileaks, these wrongdoings might not reach the public at all!

Wikileaks has brought a new dimension to the world of journalism. Freedom of speech and information, although enshrined in the Federal Constitution of Malaysia, has never really been respected. We all long for the day when our journalists can relay all information without fear or favour and our media will provide adequate space for the opposition. The recent inquiry faced by the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) president Hata Wahari is indeed a shame to journalism in Malaysia. Wikileaks must be seen as a tool that could open a new chapter in journalism. Indeed, our leaders should not feel agitated by the comments uttered by top Singaporean officials that Malaysian politicians are incompetent as these officials are free to speak their minds. While our leaders wasted no time in refuting this statement, perhaps it is time for our leaders to assess themselves and their performance. Wikileaks has definitely kept them on their toes. Regardless of one
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