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Supporting Statement

I would like to start off my point by saying that do you’ll agree that 1 + 1 =2 ? What about any other answers besides 2? Of course... we tend to oppose the idea with ayone else who said it isn’t 2. The idea of me stating this is to question the validity of our opinions. Are we told that by telling the truth is wrong ? And are we told that we should not voice out something that is deemed not right and is wrong. in this sophisticated world we are living in today, we tend to go with the flow, to follow what is said to be right. Sadly, we had indirectly conform ourselves into a world where there would never be mistakes and the only way to cover a mistake is to blame on the person who tells the truth.

Assange is actually speaking out for us...normal citizens...yes...his words his actions and his behaviour may seem deceiving...especially to the top guns of those so called Big guns country...nevertheless...if those so called big shots DID NOT do as what it ws u think Assange would have so much solid information or points to reveal...Of course, all these sure comes with a reason...take an example for Malaysia...whenever people like Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh or Even thier fellow BN counterpart...Mohd Nazri reveals smthing tht may seen unpleasant...we go crazy and get so agitted over their point of view...We have to always know....the truth is not always as sweet as honey....sometimes things may be different from what you see.

From what you have previously mentioned, i dare say that why the main reason that Assange actions are not being supported is because those that do not share his points of view are that of mainstream papers...and what mainstream papers HAVE to report is yet another issue to be debated...

Again...this can well be reflected and seen again fron what is happening now in Malaysia...Do you ever see Berita Harian, New straits time or any other mainstream ENGLISH AND MALAY LANGUAGES paper even report something tha may seem deceiving to the BN party...answer is absolutely no..when teresa kok and the reporter plus RPK was locked and doomed to the ISA for one week plus there...have you ever see mainstream tv reporting news that are in favour of them...what i meant is facts and truth may b covered...justice is not at its realms...the twist and turn of facts and truth may sometimes blindfold one person mind and drastically change their point of view.

Thus, i AGREE totally with what Assange is doing...If it wasn’t for him...we as normal...poor tax-paying citizens, will not ever know the truth that is hidden at the back of us....and on top of that, I saluted him for his bravery to stand out and reveal all the top secret that sometimes deemed to be dirty. If everyone just seem to hide in their comfort and choose to sit in their own laurels, there wouldn’t be any changes done to eradicate what is rampantly happening now.....Assange gives us a light on what is hapenning in the world's politics, back in the 1960's and 1970's, if it wasn't for Mahatma Gandhi,
if it wasn't for Martin Luther King who dares to speak out the truth and brave enough to voice out their rights and reveal what is ACTUALLY AND INDEED HAPPENING... India and USA wouldn’t be what there are today and I bet we wouldn't even probably have Barrack Obama as the leader of one of the world most powerful and influential nation.

Hence, i would like to conclude my point by saying that Wikileaks is justified and it indeed should be continued for the greater good by being the voice four us people and poor citizens who are well being coned. Only when the wrong is right in the appropriate way, can we bring peace to all mankind. Thanks.
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