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Stiletto Heels!

Any thoughts on these?well, i have this penchant for flats
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I like the trend is like more females going for flats. Stiletto heels...yea..I LIKE it too!
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i'm a majorrrrrr fan of heels. i've got my fair share of stillettos too. pumps i used to really like but not anymore. wedges are good too. and i've got loads of flats but never wear wan.

as for sneakers .. i only have like ONE pair. hahaha.
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hmmm wearing heels the whole day just kills my feet sometimes... hmmm but i dont deny the fact that they really make our legs look gd..
wedges wedges, still in the trend huh?... but seriously platform shoes are just a no no to me which i dont know why..
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Ooooh I can't stand platforms too!!!

I am not that tall but I am big horizontally so I avoid wearing heels most of the time. Though I wear my stilettoes when I go clubbing so that I can intimidate the men who try to be funny hur hur.

Currently in love with pumps. And quirky looking flats.

And cos I am a local size 10, I constantly run out of shoes to wear/buy.

On my shoe-must-buy list now, I have more pumps, more sandals, more heels.

More everything la *kaching*
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These days I'm liking quirky shoes, with a vintage twist. I don't know how to describe it, but there's one I saw online....\ it's look like a ballet flat, which is light blue and covered in little raining clouds, and it has a short kitten heel. They have a sunny day version as well!!

I can't wear strappy elegant heels much as I have BigFoot-itis! LOL. Nah, just flat feet... it can get painful =(

I like wedges with straps to tie up your calf, although i own none (because I cant find the ones suited to my taste), I thought it's very hippie-ish and gives off a relaxed-feel. (er... i have bright yellow platform shoes, lol!)

And oh... does boots count? *salivate*
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Oooooohh Boots!!!!!!!!!! yeah, it looks really hot in some gals..
Hmmm but its really headache to match it with every day attire tho..
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