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All thing Linux Anything related to the penguin.

i deleted my windows when i installed linux...

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  #11 Old 22-07-2010 Default Re: i deleted my windows when i installed linux...

For the fun of it =)

Btw, trying to understand how different system works is fun!
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  #12 Old 22-07-2010 Default Re: i deleted my windows when i installed linux...

I believe it's worth noting that dual booting has little to no dangers of crashing both systems once you have installed them both safely. Usually any disasters that result in data loss happen while resizing partitions to make way for the new OS.

One more way of losing data is by sharing a (writable) partition between the two OS's, and starting up one OS when the other is hibernated. I once had the brilliant idea of doing that, and it resulted in quite a disaster.

I managed to recover my photos, some documents and text files from the partition by using "photorec", a program found in the "testdisk" package on Ubuntu. It worked by scanning the raw hard disk for chunks of bits that looked like certain types of files, and pulling them out into individual files. It didn't work too well for my music collection though, each MP3 I had got fragmented into 1-5 second pieces.
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