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Internet Connection Problem with Vista

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Originally Posted by vseehua View Post
I have been using vista for a few months now and it runs very very well, even better than windows xp...

Vista only sucks, because of uncaring hardware manufacturers *cough Logitech cough* never bothered to update their drivers to be fully compatible with vista, and that people expected it to work with the same hardware that comes with xp 5 years ago...

It's still a few miles better than xp though. When have you last heard of a major virus outbreak involving vista?
Yeah.... uncaring hardware manufacturers *cough Logitech cough* don't care whether they're Vista compatible or not. It's just dollars and cents that matter.

But heck, it's frustrating enough for Vista users to find that a lot of the software and hardware that they have are incompatible with Vista. You don't need virus attacks to cause you all the unnecessary headaches. You don't hear of people complaining about softwares unable to work with XP now, do you?

Of course, given the time, these compatibility issues should resolve. By then, I'll be eyeing on Windows 7.
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