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Firefox 3.0 or Firefox 2.0? Which 1 better?

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Originally Posted by tanyijing2007 View Post
firefox 3.0 is not recommended coz it does not support most of the add-ons.
firefox is much better, fast and efficient
I doubt anyone would use much more extensions than 2. Besdies, Firefox 3 is much better than Firefox 2 in terms of features and most importantly, speed. it's the speediest of all firefoxes out there...
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I think Firefox 3 works pretty well with my computer and it's actually speedier than Opera 10. o_O And it's still the same, but the speed boost is what makes it great!
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Firefox 3.0 has newer interface so you can pause or resume the downloading. In Firefox 3.0 text as well as image both can be zoomed while zooming a page but in Firefox 2.0 only text will be zoomed. Firefox 3.0 also provides the facility of Plug-ins with Add-ons.
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