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Foreign Universities in Malaysia

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chenchow Male
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  #1 Old 10-09-2004 Default Foreign Universities in Malaysia

With the current Monash, Curtin, Nottingham, Swinburne in Malaysia, Ministry of Higher Education has managed to attract another big name to Malaysia.

Carnegie Mellon University has confirmed its opening in Tronoh, Perak.

Any view on this issue?
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luke Male
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I've heard about that news some time ago (was it from you, chenchow?) ... anyway, it's a great news to me .. the truth is I was born in Ipoh and my family-bought house is in Bota, around 15 minutes from Tronoh .. when I was small, my family used to live in that house before moving to Segamat, Johor .. once in a while we used to go to Ipoh to do some shopping or just makan2 angin ... and as far as I could recall, Tronoh was nothing at that time ... I don't recall seeing any single building around that area ... but now, it will have at least 3 high education institutions, UTP, Carnegie Mellon and UiTM (not many people know about the existence of UiTM in Tronoh) ... and the last time I was in Tronoh (also known as Seri Iskandar) as a UTP student, a technology park was under construction ...

I still remember before my family moved to Segamat, my father used to bring me to Manjung (a neighboring daerah) to pay for his property bills ... probably because at that time, Perak Tengah was so under-developed that even the administrative business had to be done in the neighboring daerah .. but that was back then ... now, people of Perak Tengah no longer have to go that far for that purpose because just a few years back, the administration of Daerah Perak Tengah had just been moved to Seri Iskandar with the completion of the Perak Tengah Administration Complex ...

as someone who spent 8 years growing up near there, I am proud of these developments ... perhaps I shall return there one day and lend a hand ...
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chenchow Male
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In fact, University Tunku Abdul Rahman permanent campus would be at Kampar, and Unitar(University Tun Abdul Razak), Unitem (University Terbuka Malaysia), ITM would be opening in Tronoh or neighboring area too.
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yey.. CMU boleh.. haha..
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it'll be great for exchange programs and research opportunities not only with students but the neighboring unis as well.

but there's always the tendency to let it slide into a branded-diploma giveaway scam. that's the perception by the general public of current exchange programs in colleges in malaysia.

but we'll see...
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