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Genetics of Race

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Yeah, our technology is good for tracing a person's lineage to a specific family or comparing relatedness between another person.

But using this method to determine ethnicity is entirely different. Ethnic groups usually have a hell lot of variations and different versions of the same gene among the population. So its a bit difficult to get a DNA profile from a 30,000 year old corpse and then fitting it in neatly inside a "race". You would expect to get a horrendous amount of overlap between each race.

I think the best we can do is to approximate what race a person really is. Like, 71% sino asian or whatever, 14% european, etc etc.

Of course, you also get pesky cross cultural, uhh, "exchanges". Like in the case of Genghis Khan. He had so many concubines and he ruled over such a huge swath of land, that there are probably more than a few million of his progeny running around in the world right now. You may even be one of them (i say this to the chinese).
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