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Kolej Matriculation Perak 2013/2014

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  #1 Old 01-05-2013 Default Kolej Matriculation Perak 2013/2014

Congrats for those who got selected for KMP. Here's a testimony for a senior of urs about KMP.

Originally Posted by zekrypton View Post
First of all, congratulation to you for getting enrolled at Matrik, Perak. It's nice to hear that you are ambitious. Clearly, you have already sorted out what you want to do in the future. Medicine is a very promising choice, needless to say. UM is the only public university that provides the studies of medicine which complies with the MBBS standard. However, we should discuss about that when the time is right (i.e. when you are applying for uni). As the underlying plan you have devised prior to getting admitted at KMPk (as we fondly address it), you should choose the studies or streams which would assist you to further your tertiary education in the choice of your own interest. Frankly speaking, if you want to get enrolled at UKM, UM for medicine, you should rightfully choose the biology stream. It would be rather tad bit ambitious if you want to do both. You would take about 11 months to complete what your form six counterparts would do in that span of 2 years. Please note that I am not diminishing the education prospectus of the form six syllabus. However, I believe you should know that Matrik does open a door for you to greater opportunity on getting admitted at local universities.

Baju kurung is considered a formal dresscode for most of the formal occassions. For instance, if there were to be any banquets, talks or functions organised by the college, you should rightfully wear those in attendance. As a former student at KMPk, I find baju kurungs rather convenient. Convenient to wash, convenient to dry. Some lecturers tend to pick on you if you were to wear office attires. It can't be blamed, actually. Most of the time, when a chinese girl squats down in front of everyone, she tends to show a bit of flesh on their hips. It's considered obscene and can even seen as a sign of contempt.

The matrik system is very systematic. For the core subjects taken (i.e. Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology), you would have to attend lectures to provide you formal lessons on syllabus intended to be delievered; tutorials which are supposed to enhanced your knowledge or to clear any doubts or information which seems vague to you; lab classes (except for maths). Basically, you just jot down notes during lectures. While you would be given a workbook and lab manual for your tutorial classes and lab classes respectively. I'm a university student now. And I wonder why my timetable isn't arranged as such. I wouldn't say that all teachers are good. However, there are some really good ones who are always happy to help. Should you have any queries, you should visit your lecturers (or any lecturers you may prefer) at their cubicle at the administrative office. Anyway, I don't really go to the cubicle. Time was never enough for me since I've been rather active in other things. Nevertheless, I believe you can sustain yourself on your own at matrik. No fuss.

You are allowed to bring slippers. You can wear it everywhere but never to class. It depends actually. I start wearing slippers during the 2nd semester. Maybe it didn't seem so obvious since those slippers are kinda hidden under the baju kurung. You can only wear formal attire. And yes, bring long pants. You should go anywhere in long pants only. But I started wearing three quarters when the rules start to go loose after some time, the guards kinda got lenient somehow.

It was my first experience to leave home, too, actually. Well, just prepare your heart. Anticipate for the wholesome experience. I wouldn't say that I have ever received any unfrair treaments or discrimination of any kind. My Malay roomies had been very good to me. I could not ask for more. My Malay lecturers are always happy to help.

During my time, back then in 2008/2009, I received RM2500/- in total, if I have not mistakened. The amount was allotted in equal amount separately during the beginning of both semesters. You would have to apply for a BSN account. The money will be banked into your account. There is an ATM account at the examination building.

I didn't know about that 'rule'. I supposed it was tentative. If otherwise, I supposed they have installed some plans into the itinerary. Or rather, they have arranged some activities for the newcomers as part of the orientation regime. However, going by the old rule, you are allowed to go home should the weekends is free of any college-held activities.

I brought my laptop there since the beginning. Yes, life can be rather dreadful seeing the fact that the campus is surrounded by palm oil farms and nothing else. My entertainment were my soaps. I watch those DVDs non-stop when I was bored. There was this shopping mall somewhere between the Ipoh town and the campus. I would advise you to go to Kinta City since it's the only viable mall to me. During my time, internet connection was unbelievably horrid. It has been quite sometime since I graduated. I think they could have improved the WIFI connection from its pre-existing conditions. It's hard to say. There was only one theft I've heard of. It happened to a boy. As for the females dorm, I think it shouldn't be an issue. Just don't let your laptop or any other belongings unattended when it is obvious to the public eyes.

Well, the hostel is one thing. The room is fully equipped. You will share a room with three other people. Normally, you would be the only non-bumi in the room. When they are praying, they would spread a prayer mat on the floor, and they will prostrate and quietly they will pray. Normally, it takes about... 10 minutes? There are about 23 rooms, 8 public bath rooms and toilets. The Bathroom and toilets are partitioned. The sanitation and hygiene of the bathroom is in pretty good shape. The toilets are cleaned everyday by the mak ciks.

About the food. Uh. Tough luck. You either eat spicy, oily or salty stuff. But hey, I'm still alive and kicking! 11 months shouldn't be that bad, eh? ;)

Trust me, you are gonna have the best time of your life there. It comes and goes like an invisible merciless storm. Of course, you would dread that place the moment you step into the lecture hall. But it was an amazing journey for me. Looking back, bing there all alone on my own for the first time, it was a pretty damn good feeling. Good times. Good times.

Anyway, going back to your first question. True enough, I have known a few fellows who secured a place at the medical school although they were physics students at matrik. I don't mean to inflict sinister thoughts, but let's be honest, chances are pretty low. But it's hard to say lately. I've known someone who scored a CGPA of 4.0 in matrik being given her 8th choice. Anyway, I read physics at matrik, and I'm doing a degree in chemical engineering in UTM now. Should you have any doubts, do not hesitate to ask. I will try my best to help.
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  #2 Old 03-05-2013 Default Re: Kolej Matriculation Perak 2013/2014

I would like to knw what refrence books need if i take module1?
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Originally Posted by zoey007 View Post
I would like to knw what refrence books need if i take module1?
Yo, i just graduated from kmpp. Module 1 student also. The kooperasi there will hold a booksale early on for the students to buy materials.

In my opinion, bio don't need reference book as the lecture notes suffice (since its just a reading subject).

But for physx, chem n maths (the "thinking" subs) you may need extra references.
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  #4 Old 13-05-2013 Default Re: Kolej Matriculation Perak 2013/2014

Hey guys, see you on the coming 27th May! =)
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kmp, matriculation, perak

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