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Biotech revolution :: In each Malaysian state?

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Join Date: Apr 2003
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  #1 Old 29-09-2003 Default Biotech revolution :: In each Malaysian state?

Lots of people believe that Biotech is the NeXT big thing after computer revolution. But unlike computer revolution, which doesn't do any harm to the human species (except environmental concern from the electronic waste), biotech could endanger human species. I've seen a lot of companies/reseachers doing what they call the biogenetics, or something like that, where they combine DNA's or even cloning humans. I think this is a very unhealthy situation.

But I think our government don't want to be left behind and thus set up th national bio valley in each state. My question is ...what for?.

we have so much stuff that we can develop (MSC , Proton , Computer industry ) that are not even mature yet. Now, we're in the hurry to catch up with this biotech buzz , which , we don't even know the future and the threat to the human species.

I don't think setting up bio-valley in each state is necassary
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chenchow Male
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Based on what Malaysia is doing, Malaysia is not getting itself involved in biotech sector that involve human.

Most, if not all, of the research in Biovalley Malaysia would involve marine life, agriculture, medicine etc. I think Malaysia is capitalizing the fact that we have a wealth of flora and fauna and it is essential in taking the biotechnology wave.

If we want to be a leader, we can't just stay complacent, but this is just what i feel.
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Hi, I feel that Malaysia should invest in Biotech as it is a good source of revenue. However I think any effort to promote this industry should be kept to the fundamentals and not be over-hyped.

We should develop interests among students and also provide good tertiary education for those that are keen to pursue biotech related fields.
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littlebigone Male
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we have a biotech valley in every state? Why would we need 13 bio tech valleys? If it is as chen chow says that we're concentrating on our rich fauna an flora, I think the govt should put it's focus on National Parks or marine parks or something like that.

I also agree with Chen Chow saying that we can't be complacent. There is no doubt a risk that this sector may prove to be a dud, but by taking these early steps, we would pave the way to be world leaders in this industry. No risk no gain.
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