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JPA 2011 Experience Sharing

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you need to bring your own paper....
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how do you know if a person gets the biasiswa perdana?
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course applied: pharmacy
venue: sarawak
experience: i arrived there quite early i think....10.45am (my interview start at 11.55am).so, i talked with the other interviewee there. there were all really friendly i was in panel 2 and i'm the fifth person. there were 3 boys and 2 girls in my group. all were chinese. 1 boy applied for medic, 2 boys and me apply for pharmacy and another girl applied for dentistry. there were three interviewer. one malay man, one malay woman and another bumi woman. they did not introduce themselves to us (weird...). only one interviewer that sat in the middle asked questions. the other interviewer beside her sometimes add in some info and i noticed that they were scribbling something throughout the interview. first we were asked to self-introduce in english (they asked me to start first....shocked...thought number one first). then, we were asked four questions.

1. nowadays, children attitude towards parents are getting worst. what should parents do?
2. if you do not get the jpa oversea scholarship, what will you do?
3. should children choose the course to study by themselves or their parent?
4. why want go oversea not local?

for my group, they were no group discussion. we were also not asked about the recent issues. but i heard other group were asked about the japan earthquake. we were also not asked to inquire anything... the duration were about 40 minutes i think

advise: pay attention to what is the language used by the interviewer and speak clearly. don't be nervous and just try your best.

good luck to those who have yet to take their interview and may god bless..
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Originally Posted by Garfield93 View Post
stakes are now at MAX. since i just learned that i din get Petronas~~!!!!
Lolz... you are not alone XD XD XD XD

Anyway... my friends got the 1Malaysia Klink question.. and opinion on the high income of malaysia (can someone answer this please)

I'm getting double nervous now cuz one of them came out cursing all over facebook >.<
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All chat posts should go in the Chat Forum. Only serious, discussion posts should be posted in this thread.

Examples of chat posts include: "When's your interview? Mine is on Friday."
"I just had my interview! Good luck to everyone else who will be having theirs!"
"My interview's tomorrow -- so nervous!"
"Damnit, I didn't get called for Petronas!"
"What course did you apply for?"
"Good luck and all the best everyone!"

Feel free to create a "JPA 2011 Chat" topic in the Chat Forum, where you can freely chat to your heart's content.

Please keep this thread strictly for the sharing of experiences in your JPA interview.

Any chat posts found will be deleted without warning. I hate to have to do this, but this is necessary for keeping the topic clean. Thanks for all your cooperation, guys.

Friend: "I've discovered something that's even better than sitting on a chair and spinning on it -- sitting on a chair BACKWARDS and spinning on it!" *spins around in glee*

Compliment yourself today!

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Same here. Tmr 850 shah alam. What course u applied?
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Since i read alot of posts about JPA 2010 experience sharing, so im gonna use d format as used in jpa 2010 experience sharing.

Course Applied: Dentistry(my group consists of 5 people, 2 boys 3 girls, 2 chinese boys, 2 chinese girls n 1 malay girl)

Venue:UITM(Shah Alam)

Experience: I am sure anyone would feel nervous on ur interview day. Juz b4 interview, i talked with the other people in my group. This really helps loosen the tense situation and makes you less nervous. Even the kerani in charge told us to mingle with eac other in case there is gonna be a group interview. Juz make new friends b4 heading into d war zone...
We were given number tags and we were asked questions according to the order, i was second to go. We bid the interviewers good morning and waited for them to permit us to sit down. Btw, there were oni 2 interviewers, a man and a woman. Oddly enough, the third interviewer was not present on the third seat. The man did all the main asking questions, the woman asked us in details about our points, as well as writing down(mostly our performance) on a piece of paper.They were very nice, make jokes once in a while, n they do not shoot people down n criticise us
We did not haf to give any self introduction, which was quite different from the experience for jpa interview last year. They juz went on and asked us questions. The girl wo was number was asked 1st, the question was'apakah kualiti yang perlu ada pada seorang dentist?' n as she answered the interviewers further asked 'do u choose oversea or local?' n some other questions which i forgot. 1 specific question was 'wat is d ratio of dentists in malaysia, n is malaysia having a shortage of dentists?' for all ur info, there is currently 1:8000 ratio of dentists to patients in malaysia, n we r suffering from a shortage since the ratio numbers r huge.
Then, they were looking at me.(Oh,the pressure!!!) I had in my mind all the answers for d questions they asked the girl b4 me. Then when i want to blurt it out, they juz change the question n asked me'apakah cara untuk meningkatkan kesihatan gigi rakyat malaysia' i was shock and blank for a moment there, coz tat question was quite sudden. I did answer though. Then they asked 'the impact of globalisation of dentistry'. Honestly speaking, tat was quite hard, i had a tough time thinking of points here, with pausing here n there. The others r lucky not to get this question. Also, the others were asked about why do they choose their course and where do they prefer, which basically means they were asked about themselves, but i wasn't asked a single thing about myself, only general much???
For the last part, we were asked on 'wat r the qualities maaysia citizens should have?" This time every1 of us have to answer this question, unlike the first round where we were asked different questions individually.After all tat, we bid our thanks and gudbyes b4 we leave. For me, i was oni asked 3 questions, n im sure others was asked about 5-6 questions. There wasnt any group discussion either.

Rating: cry/10 Wat do u think my chances are when the interviewer oni asked me 3 questions n he didnt even asked anything about me??

Advice/Additional info: Expect the unexpected. They would throw out anything tat u cant possibly imagine. So, get well informed about ur course, make sure u are cool-headed at the time of interview, and dont think too much on the question asked to the person b4 u(or u will end up like me, blank n stuck!!) Juz do enough preparation( i do not think it will help much coz mine obviously didnt) and make sure during the interview, you can think fast so u can react when the interviewer asked u questions.I highlighted it< coz its very important. Oh..n every interview process is different, like mine, there wasnt any introduction n group discussion, juz be prepared for anything.

I learned a lot from recom here, so this is a little something i can contribute to 2011 jpa interviewees for their interviews on tuesday until friday, n also for future 2012 jpa applicants.
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Course: medicine
venue: uitm shah alam

my interview start at 8am and i'm in panel 4...there are 1 indian girl, 2 malay boys, 1 chinese girl and 1 chinese boy(me) in the group...all apply for medicine...First they asked to introduce ourselves and tell about our family background...Then the real challenge start...LOL

1. Apakah yang kamu faham dengan 'klinikal' dan apakah sumbangan anda jika dihantar ke luar negara??

2. Had you visited any general hospital near your house and how you think is the equipment there??

3. Why you choose medicine??
4. Apakah ulasan anda tentang konsep 1 Malaysia ''Rakyat didahulukan , pencapaian diutamakan" ?

When i am answering 3rd question, 1 interviewer asked me '' how you will improve the equipment and help the people if you are sent to service in rural area? "
After the 4th question, they smiled and announced the session is finished...then we shake hand with them and they said you all are young brilliant students...LOL
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Location: Sarawak
Course: Medicine

The file was handed over to the person at the counter and I doubt she even glanced through the things in it. The interviewers actually don't look at your file. So I was given a number tag ("I am NUMBER TWO" lol). I got to know the 4 others who were in the same group as mine (11.05am), which calmed me down a bit, so you guys might wanna get to know your group-mates too beforehand, it really helps.

Come 11.05am, we entered the room according to number. No.1 (names omitted for privacy reasons lol) knocked on the door and we entered the room. He attempted to shake hands with the interviewer but was told to just sit down, so we all meekly did so. They gave a brief introduction, congratulating us to be one of the "chosen 8000++" and telling us that only 1000 will be given the scholarship this year. They mentioned their names which I forgot, but one of them was a doctor so no bluffing here.

Self introduction - name, hometown/school, family background (parents' job, income, siblings), course applied, which country you prefer to go to. It was odd that they didn't ask why you wanted this course, maybe they got tired of listening to the same things. But I wouldn't worry much about this part, it seems to differ from panel to panel, and the interviewers would interrupt which simple questions if they want to know more. This was in BM btw.

They proceeded to ask other questions in English. I'm not sure if this was what the others meant by "group discussion" because we did not discuss anything.
1. "There are many social issues now such as drug abuse, pregnancy out of wedlock, abortion etc. What do you think should be done to handle these problems?" I was the last one to answer this, the others had mentioned school education so I didn't talk about that at all. I'm not sure if I should have, though.
2. "They are talking about changing the Malaysian tertiary education system from English to Malay. What is your opinion?" We went halves here, 3 vs 2 on BI vs BM. It was the only question which we had different views. Just after I said BI and gave my reasons, No.3 said she thought BM was no problem and I went, like, "WHYYY???" (Not aloud, of course).
3. "What is your opinion on conventional and alternative medicine?" This question did it. We all went blank for a while and just stared. Oh woe. Eventually we did answer although I think everyone gave the "I-have-no-idea-but-I'm-gonna-give-a-safe-answer" type of response.
4. "If you were given the scholarship to local universities, would you accept?" Everyone said yes but I said "depends" thus began the bombarding of depends on what, what if this what if that etc.

The interview ended then and there, we shook hands with the interviewers and went out to collect our files and impart some "sagely wisdom" on the would-be interviewees with an air of veterans who have "been there, done that"

Overall, I think the interview was quite okay. The interviewers were nice and joked around, but they really hold what you mentioned before against you. For those who said they wanted to go to New Zealand, the lady interviewer kept warning them it was an earthquake zone, Christchurch incidents blah blah... Many scholars don't want to go there and you want? Etc.

I think it's quite important to mix with your group mates beforehand to soothe your nerves and also exchange useful information. Also, do listen carefully to what the interviewer asked.

You DO NOT have to answer according to the arrangement of your numbers. The numbers just determine your seating order. There is no need to stand when being asked, just raise your hand and give your answer. And they might single you out from the 5 to ask you one specific question (for example, to No.4 since she was applying for pharmacy).

That's all, and good luck to all to other interviewees!

(Disclaimer: The above information, while deemed to be true at the time of posting, may not be strictly accurate. These are not conclusive statements for drawing conclusions. Things may be different elsewhere in the country)

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Courses applied : medicine
Places: USM Penang (panel 5/number4)
My group consists of 4 chinese and 1 malay 3 girls 2 boys 1 dentistry, 2 medicine and 2 pharmacy.
Time slot: 11:55a.m.

Experience: Its a great and fun experience.First, I went in to the dewan and checked my names and signed on the board.After knowing which panel we will be in, we went to our respective counter and signed our names again.Then we handed in our files and the photocopied one.And while waiting for them to call, I look for my friends and met quite a number of them.Some were wearing baju kurung and others were just wearing formal attire.Today was supposed to be the day where those applied for medicine, dentistry and pharmacy students got their interview.There are altogether 7 panels today.Finally when its my turn, we all were lead by the clerk there.Mine was a friendly one and he joked around to ease our tension. I started to mingle with them and got to know them better.I really liked my group because they are very outstanding people and they are very nice too. I really hoped to get in touch with them in the future.They are just the one I have been looking for to interview with.Finally the time has arrived.

At first we greet the interviewer and shake hands with them.Mine one was a chinese guy and two malay women. We sat according to our number. They congratulate us first for getting great results. We were not ask to introduce ourselves and not even our names!!I was really shocked! I think it depends on the panel itself so if you are lucky you will got what you want.

The first question they post to us is of course none other than reasons we choose this course.My group speaks fluent english and I felt impressed by the way they answer it. It gives me confidence and I tried my best to answer it.Then we were asked why we choose oversea over local in english.After that they asked us what will we do if we are not given the scholarship in english too.And the last question in malay they asked us about the isu-isu semasa related to our fields of studies. We can answer everything regarding our field.

Time flies so fast and the interviewer just ended our interview after 30 minutes because they are eager to get their lunch.We didn't have our group discussion too.I don't know whether it's a good sign or a bad sign. After that we are allowed to post our own question.We asked how many will be given out this year and as usual 1500 will be given out.I asked how do they select the candidates and he said it is according to the marks we earned.One of my friends asked why they combining the mara and jpa scholarship this year they said it's the government decision and they don't know the reason too. One of us asked that how many have got 9A+ and he answered mostly all of us.THE END

Advise:Just be yourself and There is nothing to be nervous about really. And do your best so you won't regret it. I did my best and I am now happy of it.
That's all I can share for this year.Good luck to all who will be getting their interview soon. Sorry for those grammar mistakes I have made. AND thanks to all the senior that really helped us out a lot!!!really appreciated it.You are welcome to ask me any question.Hope it helps.
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