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JPA 2011 Experience Sharing

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Is there anyone who applied for sastera ikhtisas (finance or econs)? Can those who applied for sastera ikhtisas share their experience here? Because I saw that most people applied for medicine, engineering, pharmacy and those related to science field. I want to know what they actually ask for those applying for sastera ikhtisas. Do they ask about Malaysian Economy or what?
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Course: Japan Engineering
Venue: Kelantan
Placement: 9:40 a.m. | Panel 2 | 3 male interviewers | 5 interviewees consist of 3 females, 2 males | about 40 minutes

Extra: Paper is provided but not used, pen is not provided | No group discussion | Yes to shooting

  1. Introduction (didn't specific) (Eng)
  2. Why choose the course? (Eng)
  3. Why choose that country? (Eng & Malay)
  4. Name famous architect in Malaysia? How about the world? (Eng)
  5. You choose architectual but you've no subjects that's related to it during High School so, why is it like this? (Malay)
  6. They ask something about the brand of cars made from France (Eng)
  7. Name famous lawyer in Malaysia? In Kelantan too. (Eng)
  8. Recent court issues (Malay)
  9. What can the Japanese engineers do to improve the safety of building (I think) when another earthquake hits? (Malay I think)
  10. Do you want to go overseas by your own accord? Or there's influence (Malay)

Ahaha so this is the link to my LJ for those people who are curious for the full account of it hohoh : Link

Note: Those particular questions that ask about particular subject is directed to particular student applying for that particular course | Good luck to the later interview sessions and the future ones!

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Well, since i've actually benefitted from my friend's interview experience, so i think its more fair for me to share mine too. I don't know if it will be useful for you guys, but i think i'll just write all i know about.

So my interview starts at 8 50 at UiTM today, i reached there around 8 and started searching my name on the board where there are name lists which clearly state the name of the interviewees, the time of interview and your panel. I scanned for my name and there it was --- panel 9. I started finding for my panel and went to the waiting room.

There were already two people from my group waiting in the room and so i started chit chatting with them to calm down my nerves. Lie Keat, the prefect from CHS was one of them and the other one was a girl that is from Klang. Then 10 minutes later another guy came. He was too shy to talk (i think) until we asked him his interview section, then only did he joined our conversation. Turns out 4 of us are from the same group and the last one should be a Malay girl, all of us took medicine while the shy guy mentioned was taking dentistry. The officers that are responsible for our panels asked us to hand in our files and then she gave us some number tags... Mine was number 1... =.=

Soon, the people from the previous interview came out and we were sent in. Surprisingly, only 4 of us went in to the interview room as the malay girl haven't arrived yet. Then the interview sesson started. There were 3 interviewers ( 1 guy 2 ladies, all were malays) But it was the lady in the middle that did most of the questioning though

We were asked to introduce ourselves in BM and then they will ask questions about why should the send u overseas although our country have already good universities such as UM and UKM. Halfway, the malay girl that haven't arrive knocked the door and wanted to join us for the interview session but was told to wait for the next session. You should see how the genial faces of the interviewers changed when the girl came in lol.

And then we went into the discussion, which is not really a discussion since we were required to give our own opinions 1 by 1. The questions are:

1) In this modenized era, health is often neglected. How can you, as a doctor or dentist, improve the health of the public?
2) Pada masa kini, seringkali doktor dikatakan mengambil kesempatan terhadap orang lain kerana kos perubatan yang melambung tinggi. Apakah pendapat anda?
3) Nowadays scholars that graduated overseas are not grateful as they stayed overseas to work or continue their postgraduate degree. What efforts can the government do to overcome this problem?

Then the interview session ended.

Well, here are some advices i would like to give :
1) Smile but don't try to force one out if you can't seem to do so, it might turn out to be perverted one like the greatest man on the internet. The natural one will do.
2) Do talk to ur group mates become the interview. This can actually make the situation not so tensed and you will not feel awkward when you answer questions in the interview session. Well, that's what i think.
3) Don't speak too fast, cause sometimes the word seemed to jumble up and u'll have a hard time getting back the momentum of speaking as you'll get panic.
4) Bring some papers in case u'll need to make notes, my group were asked to bring papers but we didn't use it anyways.
5) Take the opportunity to be the first one to talk as it might actually show leadership skills.
6) Think before you talk, organize your ideas when others are giving their opinions so that when it comes to your turn, words can come out smoothly.
7) Give a handshake to interviewers of your same sex ( don't get this wrong. Muslims are not allowed to shake hands of their opposite sex.)
Do greet your interviewers. 7 and 8 may not influence your chance of getting JPA scholarship, but its just basic manners they expect to find in a potential scholar.
9) Do research on current issues regarding to your course.

I guess that's all and ALL THE BEST to those that will be going for this interview session these few days and GOOD LUCK!! . D

" Out of clutter, find simplicity,
Out of discord, find harmony,
In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity"
- Albert Eintstein-

My friend's experience.
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Course: Korea Engineering
Venue: Terengganu
Placement: 11 a.m. | Panel 1 | 1 male interviewers 2 female interviewers| 5 interviewees consist of 4 females, 1 male | time : not sure...

Extra: Paper is provided (one piece only), pen is not provided | Group discussion | Yes to extreme shooting |No notebooks, bags allowed

  1. Introduction (Malay)
  2. Why overseas and not locally (she shot me non stop on this topic and didnt even let me talk)
  3. (They asked something about the nuclear and if the radiation reached korea and something lolz was so unclear =.=!! they asked me if I would migrate from korea to japan?)
  4. What do you know about Electronic engineering?
  5. What kind of Electronic engineering? (lolz I didnt understand her question and pretending to think didnt help)
  6. Discussion : What do you understand about creativity and innovation? How can it help us in our life?
They kept looking at the time and kept giving us a time limit to voice our ideas. I was the only one shot to the extreme. Detailed details at the Korean Engineering 2011 thread .

Goodluck! To those who were forced by parents to take a particular course, please do not show it during the interview. One malay girl in my group was shot for that.

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  #85 Old 13-04-2011 Talking Re: JPA 2011 Experience Sharing

Course: PILN Medicine
Venue: INTEC Shah Alam
Time: 9.40 a.m.

Panel 10, 3 female interviewers, only 3 interviewees were present (1 guy, 2 girls).
No shooting.

  1. Introduction (English)
  2. Why overseas instead of local (English)
  3. How do you contribute to the country upon completing your course (English)
  4. How do you promote Malaysia while studying overseas (English)
  5. Privatisation of healthcare - agree or disagree (Malay)
  6. Government's measures to aid low-income group (factory workers, etc) living in big cities in getting treatments, should healthcare is privatised fully (Malay)
  7. Dengue - name of carrier mosquitos, health awareness campaign in your school/neighbourhood, how dengue causes deaths (English)
  8. What do you understand by the terms "negara berpendapatan tinggi" and "negara maju" (Malay)
  9. Your favourite book and author (Malay/ English)
P.S. My interviewers were lenient enough to let us proceed in either language if we were not comfortable speaking the other.
P.P.S. Since there were only 3 of us, we were given lots of heavy topics (as you can see above) but we were allowed to discuss amongst ourselves.

Good luck!
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shinystar Female
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  #86 Old 13-04-2011 Smile Re: JPA 2011 Experience Sharing

Course: Medicine
Venue: Ipoh
Date: 13 April 2011
Time : 8:50 a.m.

Panel 2, Three interviewers (two doctors), 5 students. No shooting...

Introduction in English (ask in English) but the interviewer said we can choose BM.

Question: ~The main cause of death in Malaysia
~Organ donation is getting lesser in Malaysia... your opinion.
~IT usage in your chosen field
~Doctors refused to come back. Opinion.

Questions can be answered in either BM or BI. My interviewer didn't ask what country we choose.

Be confident and you will do well.
Talk to the other students before the interview starts. It helps you speak fluently during the interview.

AND, don't be selfish. Don't show off. Be humble.

Good luck!
I am just me. The one and only me.
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Course Applied: French Engineering
Venue: UIAM Kuantan
Time and Panel: 11.55am, Panel 3

I arrived at UIAM Kuantan about 11.15am and went to the fourth floor as I visited the campus one day prior to my interview day, just wondering where to go. When I reached the floor, there are a few papers glued to the wall pointing which direction we should go, when I arrived at the main door, I saw lists of names sticked on the wall and I signed it(Thanks to seniors who replied in this forum that we need to sign twice ). Walk in, sign again and sit down. Hand in the files of certs to the clerk and given a number tag '5' . Surprisingly, there was an applicant absent from the interview(and he is my classmate in school ) so there were only four of us. We were lead by the clerk to Panel Room 3, knocked the door and sit down as instructed by the panel. All of them are Malay, one female and two males. The male at the centre introduced and greet us. As usual, self-introduction in Malay from 1 to 5. When I was introducing, about to reach the end, the centre guy asked me:-

1.Q: Why France?
A: Because it is the pioneer of the engineering in this world even when the world is not very developed. For instance, the building of Eiffel Tower was started in 1889, when other countries like Germany(The guy applied for German Engineering might stare at me LOL ) and United Kingdom is not very advanced. But France managed to build a tower of 324m in height and stay as the tallest tower in the world for 41 years using the most advanced technologies at that time.(The guy nodded her head and said something to the guy beside him, is it good or bad? )

2. Q: Apakah pandangan anda terhadap kokurikulum dan sukan dalam menjana pelajar yang cemerlang?
A: Dalam pandangan saya, pelajar perlu melibatkan diri dalam sukan dan kokurikulum untuk menanam semangat kepasukan kerana semangat ini amat penting semasa pelajar keluar untuk bekerja. Kita todak boleh membuat perkara dengan seorang diri tetapi dengan bantuan kawan dan orang lain. Saya juga bersetuju dengan pandangan beliau(another applicant) bahawa bersukan sebenarnya tidak akan memenatkan pelajar tetapi menjadikan mereka lebih cergas. Contohnya, saya selalu pergi 'jogging' pada waktu pagi selepas SPM, dan saya berasa amat segar dan cerdas selepas itu.

3. Q: What is your opinion about the education system in Malaysia?
A: In my opinion, I think the government has provide high standard of theoretical knowledge to all the students. For example, one of my sister's friend who is a British told her that the examination here is much more difficult than what is existing in their country.(The female nodded her head and said 'definitely.') And it all depends on the student whether to just learn the theories or to apply them, the exam-orientated thing is not important.(And I saw other interviewees look at me ).
Q: So why do you think parents want to send their children days and nights to tuition classes?
A: Well, because the parents think that their children are the best and don't want them to lack behind other children. They want their children to be placed at the forefront of others. And they think it is very competitive.
Q: So you think children are the victims of parents?
A: Yes, I do think so. (Nodding heavily )
Q: So brother(interviewee beside me), what is your opinion?

4 Q: Kita tahu bahawa banyak pelajar yang menuntut pelajaran di luar negara akan menhadapi banyak cabaran seperti home-sick. Dan kita juga mendapati bahawa banyak pelajar yang mendapat 'straight As' dalam SPM gagal dalam peperiksaan luar negara, apakah pandangan anda?
A: Dalam pandangan saya, berbanding dengan luar negara, terdapat banyak perkara yang tidak terdapat di Malaysia seperti Holand, dadah merupakan bahan 'legal' tetapi 'even drug trafficking' dalam Malaysia adalah hukuman gantung sampai mati. Dan terdapat banyak 'night club' dan 'bars' di negara luar seperti UK dan Perancis di merata-rata tempat manakala tempat-tempat tersebut hanya wujud di beberapa tempat dalam sebuah bandar. Oleh itu, saya berpendapat bahawa kekuatan iman dan agama amat penting to 'resist those temptings'. Objektif yang paling penting adalah masih mendapat keputusan baik dan balik ke negara untuk 'serve the people'. Kerana Orang Malaysia yang membayar kepada saya untuk belajar di luar negara.
Q: Jika anda mendapat post yang baik di luar negara, adakah anda akan balik ke Malaysia untuk berkhidmat?
A: Ya, kerana saya telah 'emphasise' bahawa Orang Malaysia yang membayar kepada saya untuk belajar di luar negara. Oleh itu saya harus balik to Malaysia untuk berkhidmat. Jika tidak, perkara ini akan menjadi todak adil kepada Orang Malaysia, JPA dan kerajaan.

P/S: Then another Chinese interviewee said he will stay overseas to gain experience before coming back to serve the people. And the female nodded her head again and said 'very frank', then I think OMG, did I seemed cheating?

5. Q: Any question to ask the panel? (signifies the end)
MyQ: (Quickly rose my hand), How many slots are available altogether this year.(Because I am annoyed by the news that 800++ places will be available this year.)
A: We do not know because we are not the people from JPA, you could ask the JPA people for more information. It varies every year.

Well, I was surprised that there were no group discussion or so on because after our batch then they need to have their lunch already. So it was very quick one, approximately 30 minutes. Before the interview, I read so many posts by seniors about the interview and I think I couldn't answer those questions, but trust me, when you're in the room. Ideas flood your head and bombard anything! Speak confidently and dress properly. Good luck to subsequent interviewees!!!
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Course applied: DENTISTRY

Venue: USM PENANG (8.50 am) (Number 5) (Panel 6)


Reached USM at 8.15. By that time, there were LOADS of people, parents interviewees etc. I was peeping through the car window and i was like Why is no one wearing Baju Kurung?? Damn, am i the only one?! but when i came down, i saw some girls wearing. Most of them were wearing formal attire though.
My dad was saying "Ahh, all these students, the cream of the country!"
I was like "The cream of the Penang STATE only lah, Pa"
And he's like "Oh, yeah "

Searched my name in the list on the board. Signed my name, went to the Panel 6 counter and signed my name again. Gave my folder to the lady at the counter. She told me to sit and wait with a group of people, my Panel 6 group members.

The first few minutes were like *awkward *smile smile *awkward
After that we started to talk a little, introduce ourselves, whats your name, what school, what course are you applying for etc etc.
My group consists of 5 people--3 guys 2 girls (including me). All of us are applying for Dentistry except the other girl who is applying for Pharmacy. All are Chinese.

We waited, the lady came, took us upstairs (the Panel 6 room was upstairs), we sat outside the room, waited some more. Talk a little more. Then, the group before us came out of the room, looking all happy and relieved. My heart was like beating so fast, almost vibrating
At around 9, we went in. Since i was no5, i closed the door after me. We stood in front of our chairs, smile smile, and sat after a man (one of the panel) told us to.

There were 3 interviewers--1 Malay man, 2 Malay ladies. All of them were smiling, but you could tell that these people are pros, highly educated respected and all. No fooling around with these people.
The man (he sat in the middle) introduced himself and the 2 ladies. He was some electronic (or is it electrical?) engineer. One lady was a linguist, the other was a mathematician. He said there were 2 sections in the interview. Introduction (in BM) and discussion (in ENG).

First, introduction. In my opinion, my intro was a bit too short compared to others cause i suddenly forgot what i planned to include in my intro, BUSTED! So i just ended with a silly grin and a "Setakat ini sahaja"

The second section, discussion. We were just like having a conversation, it was quite relaxed. I stuttered a little though. The question is something like Nowadays, people, especially kids, are afraid of visiting the dentist. How do you promote dental health amongst them as a dentist and make them be more aware of dental hygiene?
Really sorry, i can't remember the sentence exactly but there you go. Actually i think this question puts girl no4 (the one applying Pharmacy) to a disadvantage because the question was mainly about dentistry. So she was kinda quiet throughout the discussion. Then the linguist lady realized this and asked her kindly "And how would you, as a pharmacist, help in promoting this?". I was thinking Gosh how to answer this kind of question?! I kinda pity her, she got stuck with a bunch of aspiring dentists and became a victim secara tidak langsung.

The next question, People's perception is that a student who obtained good grades will normally choose to pursue Medicine. They think that Dentistry is sort of like a second class compared to Medicine. As students with good grades, what do you think of this and why did all of you pick Dentistry and Pharmacy instead of Medicine? This question was okay-ish to me. It did not need much facts, just our opinion.

Then it ended. The ending was so abrupt. No "why you choose dentistry" "why you choose overseas" etc. It only lasted about 35 minutes. I'm not sure if that's good or bad *sigh

Rating: I seriously don't know, didn't think i performed well though. I would say about 6/10? *sigh

Advice/Additional Info:
Most important thing is CONFIDENCE!!! Even if they smile kindly at you when you sound like a nervous wreck, it's not a good sign. So talk like you know it even if you don't! If unsure, Goreng lah something. Just don't simply goreng until hangus (means don't talk crap laa)
And remember to SMILE! Then you will look more handsome/pretty and more approachable. Good impression, you know.
Elaborate on your points and opinions, they just want to listen to what you have to say, so explain in detail. That way, you won't have to crack your brain for too many points (just focus on 1/2 points) and still have lots of things to say.
Make friends with your group members. It really helps to ease your nerves.
And talk clearly. Don't mumble.

P/S: I hope this helps. I'm just so glad it's over and it will soon be over for you guys, so do your best and make the panel LOVE you! GOOD LUCK!

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Experience of a friend of mine. He wanted to be anonymous

Course applied: Medicine

Venue: INTEC, UiTM


My experience in the interview for the scholarship provided by the Public Service Department was exciting and unexpected. I went there at 8.00am and met minor traffic jam along the highway to Shah Alam. Reaching there at 9.00am, I immediately entered the Block W of INTEC in University Teknologi Mara. I saw a crowd staring at 3 boards, searching for the name of shortlisted candidates. I found my name at the Panel 1 at 9.40am column. I went up the staircase together. The staircase was small and can only accommodate two thin persons at most. I entered the waiting room to register and got the Number 3 after handed my documents to the officer in-charge.

I realised I was the only boy for that time being. Basically, there were five persons per panel, but since one was absent, we were comprised three girls and one boy (two of the girls applied for dentistry whereas the other one applied medicine course as I did). At 9.30am, we were called by the officer to enter the interview room. There were three interviewers (two men and one woman). We were greeted and asked two basic questions: “have you had your breakfast?” and “have you had your lunch?”. I knew their intention was to reduce our stress levels. Then, we were asked to introduce ourselves with name, family backgrounds and co-curricular achievements included in our introductions. I could say that I started to stagger as I felt the nervousness building up and the adrenaline making my heart pump harder. However, after a while, I found myself relaxing as I began to enjoy the interview session. Below were the questions they asked to us:

1.) Who is your favourite idol besides your family members?

2.) Mengapakah pendermaan organ tidak popular di Malaysia? (Why is the organ donation not popular in Malaysia?)

3.) What quality should a doctor have?

Last but not least, they asked us to ask them a question or thank them if you want. I chose to thank them as appreciation (hope I did not regret). I shook the male interviewers’ hands and bowed to the female interviewer (warning: do not simply shake the opposite sex’s hands, especially when you are a boy candidate and that interviewer is a Malay woman! I know that there are some who are open-minded but it is better to take note of this).

I could say that research is a must before entering the interview room and enjoy the whole session as it would be your last moment in that room. Passionate and natural smile would be a bonus point during the interview session and bringing a notebook would not harm you from jotting down some points before you speak. Greet to the interviewers is a good plus point to give them a great impression. The most important thing everyone must do for the entire interview session is to be CALM.
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for those who haven't gone to the interview (female) be sure about ur attire for those who going to wear skirt (the formal type) .... make sure its at appropriate length .... you are interviewed for scholarship not for secretary post from what i observed today and yesterday at my college as there's interview held

God made us with a reason and give us the best path... i'm here with a reason and so are you....
Be the best of yourself and live life
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2011, interview, jpa, scholarships

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