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Scholarships A place to find out about scholarships available for Malaysians

Scholarships (JPA,Petronas,MARA, Telekom,Tenaga,BNM,...) FAQ

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chenchow Male
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  #1 Old 29-12-2003 Default Scholarships (JPA,Petronas,MARA, Telekom,Tenaga,BNM,...) FAQ

With many Recom members are currently scholarship holders to prestigious universities in various countries, Recom could be a very good source of information for those F5-leavers who would like to seek more information on this aspect.

As many of those F5-leavers will start their national service in mid-January, so we should get this FAQ on various scholarship programs out as soon as possible.

To ensure easier reference, I would like to set up some guidelines for those who would share their information on various scholarships.

We will utilize a code system. So, if your information is for:-
GEN - All scholarship granting bodies.
JPA - Public Service Department (Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam)
PET - Petronas
MAR - Mara
TEL - Telekom Malaysia
TNB - Tenaga Nasional
BNM - Bank Negara Malaysia
SEC - Security Commissioners.

(If anyone knows of other scholarship bodies for post-SPM students, please post it here)

We would also have code for reference to which countries:-
ALL - All countries
US - For United States
UK - United Kingdom
GER - Germany
FRA - France
JPN - Japan
KOR - Korea
UKR - Ukraine/Russia
AUS - Australia
NZ - New Zealand
CAN - Canada
SG - Singapore
OTH - Other countries

So, you will post based on this format:-



I would also hope to compile at this area those Recom members under various programs, so that those in need could contact. (Hope those whose name is not here yet, could kindly message me - i will be outstation from 30th to 2nd)

JPA_US: masterof_none, chenchow, silverblue, topdog, wwhong, crazycow, mpalanieppan, vigilante, jun_wolverine, screw3d, ishveir, z, putt, adrianow, tehenglee, joe82, vernon, vole, rimbun, polarized, cheryl
MAR_US: bachok83, taufiq, ma256, munirs, nur_azlina
JPA_GER: dharman100, iQing, shahabudeenjalil, vallhalla, suge, wiyang, kelvinlym, cirnelle
JPA_JPN: schye, chyi, bubblesgirl, mocer,
PET_US: littlebigone, eeyore, huilinchin, kijal4, raizz
TEL_US: luke
JPA_KOR: janewai
JPA_UKR: phyxsius
JPA_UK : dinosaur
GEN_UKR: nad067

(Really hope those scholars in UK, Aus, NZ, France could share their contact, thanks.)

Really hope to see a lot of responses from Recom members to share such information, from how long is the course, how long is the bond, what course you are taking, how's the chances of application, etc... practically anything that you deem necessary for those who would like to apply for those scholarships.

I would also urge everyone to spread the words around to your friends, esp those in your high schools, to attract more people to Recom

If anyone has any suggestion on how Recom could better serve for this purpose, please kindly suggest it out.

For those F5 students who are looking for information on scholarships, please feel free to post your questions here.
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  #2 Old 29-12-2003 Default

i think bachok should be in MAR_US?

chenchow:thanks, equuelus. How about you, equuelus?
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chenchow Male
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  #3 Old 29-12-2003 Default

I will start the ball rolling. Hope others could substantiate, or correct my information if I make any mistake.

JPA_ALL: Application dateline is typically within 7 to 10 days after SPM results are out. This year the results would be out on 28th Feb 2004.

JPA_ALL: Advertisement on JPA Scholarships will be available on Utusan, Berita Harian, NST etc. typically within 2 weeks before the results are out.(If I am not wrong, it is not published in The Star)

JPA_ALL: For the past two years, you need to buy the forms from BSN or MARA office.

JPA_ALL: The advertisement on JPA Scholarship will be available on its website

JPA_US: For those intending to go for JPA Engineering scholarship to either US or UK, please be aware that most, if not all, of the JPA Engineering scholarships are to US and not UK. So, please make your choice right when you apply.

JPA_US: The scholarship to US are for 4 years and typically the courses offered are engineering, biotech, economics, international relations, computer science (if you do not count it as part of engineering)
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chenchow Male
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  #4 Old 29-12-2003 Default

Really hope to see fellow Recom members, especially those scholarship holders would chip in, to support this sharing of information with fellow Malaysians, who are waiting anxiously for their SPM results.

Really hope that all of us could share the information, besides inviting your friends, especially those of your juniors in your high schools to join Recom for those information.

Happy New Year to all.
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  #5 Old 30-12-2003 Default

I wish to introduce the Technical Study to Japan I am taking now. I spent around 10 months in KL and a year in Tokyo to study the Japanese language and some Maths, Physics and Chemistry (but our juniors have to study in KL for 2 years now, Japanese teachers are teaching them in KL). and went to the National technical college in Japan for 3 years. we will get a diploma from the college but we can continue our study in universities in Japan as third year students. and JPA is still sponsoring us.
One may spend altogether 7 years to get a degree after SPM, but for those who dont care about time, this is a good choice, since you can master another language and try different life in Japan (staying in different places for language school, technical college and university). and the study in technical college is not so difficult, so you have time to do sth you are interested, like Robot contest, programming contest, music, sports or Japanese Karate, Judo, tea ceremony and so on. have a colourful and meaningful student life here.
But the most important thing is, make sure that you are interested in engineering and have some confidence in your language. but it is not so difficult.
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Schye Male
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  #6 Old 30-12-2003 Default

We will be able to experience the life in Kampung area when we are in college and the city life when we are in University.

To those who has watched the last Samurai and seems to like the living style or the sceneries (well, can?t find it in big cities though) then join us: wink:

There are 2 different courses that JPA offers in Japan.
1. The course that will allow you to enter university directly which will
takes only 6 years to get a degree. This course is open for
Bumiputera only and you will enter the university after 2 years of
language course in UM.
2. The course which will need you to get a diploma. You will need to
study the language for 2 years in UTMKL, and then enter technical college
for 3 years to get a diploma. We may REAPPLY to continue our studies in
university if we manage to enter the university to continue our studies.

However until now, for those who manage to enter the university, all of
Their applications to continue the university are approved.

The most damaging phrase in the language is: 'It's always been done that way.'

- Grace Murray Hopper
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  #7 Old 30-12-2003 Default Medicine

this is my first posting and i dont know what i should be informing the juniors abt the JPA scholarships. The info that i provide may not be accurate at this point of time coz policies may have changed. It is essential that students get at least A2 for Chemistry and Biology. As far as i know, this is probably the major prerequisite to apply for med.
JPA sponsors students to study medicine in any uni in the limitation in the choice of uni if u study in a private college for ur pre-u. The Alevel subject that is preferred by most unis would be chem and bio up to A2 level. However, some unis do accept students who take either one up to A2 level...please check uni prospectus for exact details...
The personal statement is the most impt thing to gain entry into a UK uni, at least for medicine. Please put in a lot of effort in the essay, giving proof of ur deep interest in medicine. Seek advice from counsellors from ur colleges...they can provide very good tips to write...
The interview process is also another dreadful time. The only thing that i can say that speak truthfully coz u chose to study medicine due to ur own interest, inspiration and motivation. Show that to the interviewers and i m confident u would be able to get thru that difficult time....
all the best to all aspiring med students...


yee leng
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  #8 Old 31-12-2003 Default

I think it would be so much easier if those who have inquiries post their questions here and we can answer them. If we were to type out all the information that we have, it could be a waste of time because I feel that many students (secondary school leavers) already know them from newspapers and by calling up the respective departments. It is the more insightful questions and doubts that students will want addressed, those with answers that cannot be obtained from newspapers but from those currently under the scholarship. So, I say we let people know about this forum, and hopefully we will get questions here that we could answer.
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  #9 Old 01-01-2004 Default

Originally Posted by Schye

There are 2 different courses that JPA offers in Japan.

there is another scholarship sponsored by various sponsors such as mara,tnb,telekom which goes under the name of JAD program (Japanese Associate i get this right?hmn).mostly for engineering courses.

I dont think that its open for non bumiputra.Not sure.u guys check it out la.Anyway,under JAD the students will do their preparation inmsia(kypm ,kolej yayasan pelajaran mara bangi) and then will enter 2nd year basically its only 3 years in jpn n u'll get a degree .mostly private universities around tokyo n some in osaka .sometimes they'll send students to nagaoka too.
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  #10 Old 01-01-2004 Default

1. Is there a US policy which allows international students to work in US for a year after they graduated?

2. I reckon that the Government would want more Science or Technical (ie. Engineering, Computer Science) students, therefore are there less allocation for Arts (ie. Economics) students? Is there any quota of this sort?

3. Am I guaranteed a US university once I am granted a JPA US scholarship? Will my scholarship be retracted if I do badly in the ADFP? Are we given the liberty to choose the universities that we want? I understand that different universities have different school fees and that our Government have a rather tight budget - so the Gov might prefer us to go to a cheaper university. Naturally, I will want to apply to the Ivy League, but if I fail to get into any one of them, am I still assigned to another university? I notice that many fellow JPA students are in Carnagie Mellon, is there any special correlation within the JPA and CMU? If not, why did they choose to go to CMU?

4. What do most JPA students do from the time they got their SPM results till the start of ADFP (which is in August)? Study A-level? Form 6? Or local colleges?
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bnm, faq, jpa, mara, petronas, scholarship, telekom, tnb

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