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Hei, do you know where to get those cosplay stuffs?

any cosplay fans here?
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Cosplay ?? u like it ?? Its hard to find in Msia .... Mayb u can go SG wang area 2 find abt it ...

Im more interest with Lolita ..... Really hope i can wear lolita look in Msia ....
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really good cosplays
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Originally Posted by iQing
WOhh.... Really cool~~ But i dun hv de chances 2 wear like them bahz ....
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Depending on who you wanna cosplay... Sg wang has ready made costumes, but more to popular animes like, Naruto, Bleach, Inusyha, gundam seed etc

Most cosplayers find their own cloth + tailor. Cloth = Sogo area, Kamdar, Masjid Jamek area etc. Many make their props on their own (pretty pricey, so yea...)

But when they achieve the look they want, the feeling is priceless ;P.

PS, here's a link to Malaysia's own forum dedicated to anime/manga and cosplay! They also have annual ComicFiestas:
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I think to be a cosplayer own must match their physical appearance with the character so that people wont vomit when they see u. choose a character that is not too complex in appearance.
cosplaying Zaraki Kenpachi will make u fake and it is difficult to mimic him.

cosplayers must hv a matching eyes with the character too... like a guy with narrow eyes should play cloud or squall instead of playing Naroto

just my opinion
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Make your own. It's better that way.
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I would love to try cosplaying too!!!
I think I'll play Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII-Advent Children!!!
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sg wang la.. got 2 shops.. but u have to be a member to enter one of the shops..
i like this blog..
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Any cosplayer here in recom??? Please come in!!! XDDDD


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