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Heya guys. I was wondering if any local universities offer degrees in astronomy or astrophysics. I've been flicking the IPTA admissions book back and forth but it seems no local uni offers them. Does anyone have any info about the prospects of an astronomy/astrophysics graduate in Malaysia? Where I can study for this degree if I'm interested in doing it after F6?
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Hie, not sure about your question, but i think u could check out USM penang. There's an active astronomy club there headed by Dr. Chong.
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Just curious but which part of astronomy are you interested in USSDefiantNX74205, since it is such a wide branch of science?

Please do keep in mind that the study of space is still very much in its infancy here, so the career prospects locally is not very good compared to lets say maybe the US, European counties and Japan.

I also think USM is a good place to start with since our NSA Director graduated from there (If I'm not very much mistaken).
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