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SAT I, SAT II & AP Books for sale.

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SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test. You will need SAT to enter US universities. SAT 1 is mostly english.
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hee.. dun mind me intruding

I'm aslo selling my AP books:

Peterson's Ap Calc AB & BC

Peterson's Chemistry

Princeton review chemistry

Princeton Review Physics B & C

5 steps to a 5 Physics B & C

hmm thats about it for my ap books.. these books are really helpful for self study students (those who dont have the opportunity to take ap courses.. eg, me)

oh, i've one more SAT II book left..

Princeton review physics

most of the books that i buy are based on the student's reviews about them, and are suited for self-studying students.

an advice for those taking SAT II subject tests, PR books are pretty good for them, and Kaplan too for additional reading got a good score for all of the subject test i took, even though i sat for them 6 days before SPM 2005

btw kumar, how are we gonna get our AP results this year? :S I took mine as an independent student/homeschooled student. apparently we can get our results by phone... but thats abit too costly :S
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Originally Posted by Seiryu
Hello Kumar, FYI our head of program asked us not to buy books from seniors YET because there are new version of certain books in the market. We'll be officially starting our classes by tomorrow so till then we can't decide whether to buy book from seniors or not. =)
to be honest, I find very few differences between the previous year's books and the books i bought for 2006 AP tests.. but unfortunately for me i didnt knew who to purchase them from, so i got all my books first hand :S

anyways best of luck AP tests arent very hard really, considering our secondary school rediculous tests (not the government ones). to be honest, i studied for 3 SAT II subject tests in less than 5 weeks and 6 weeks away from SPM. and my AP tests, i studied for 4 subjects in 3 months, and then again not full time studying as i have my school tests and things.

oh yea, i'ld like to tknow the prices of your econs books kumar, i'm considering taking them next year.. is US/world history hard?
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Asking ....
Where can i take SAT tuition or exam ?
Any centre in Malaysia ?
Or what website ?
Thanks .
Life is too short.
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erm.. i think there is one center.. in kl?
called Princeton Review.. :S

i know a person who went there... seems abit ex if you ask me.. not really worth it.. lols..

i'ld recommend you get guidiance from your stpm teachers regarding the SAT II topics (as what is tested is also covered in the form 6 syllabus..)

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i hav juz finish my SPM and i am now waiting for the JPA scholarship (dunno whether i got it though). Anyway, i am juz curious about the SAT test. I mean, do students realli take the test on their own? Don't the SAT test has certain syllabus? or it is juz testing you rthinking skills? Furthermore, how can i know whether i am ready to take the test, i mean, without anyone guiding me, can i actually take the test on my own?................pls reply A.S.A.P, PM me if possible............ *confused*
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I'm interested in buying some of the books as I'm planning to take AP next year and 4 SAT subject tests (not sure how that would work out in the test schedule, though).

Hope you don't mind answering these questions:

For those who have taken AP Chemistry and/or Biology, would you recommend getting a 'college-level' textbook like Brown for Chem and Campbell for Bio plus one of the test prep books (Barrons, Princeton, Kaplan etc)? Or is it possible to just study from the prep books?

And if you studied AP Chem by yourself, does that mean that you didn't carry out any of the experiments in a lab? If so, would it be possible to just study the practicals from the book without actually doing them, and be able to answer questions about them in the exam?

One last one for the AP people - where did you sit for the exam in Malaysia?
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Anyone has 10 Real SATs?
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where can i get SAT books in kuantan??? anyone wanna sell SAT books???
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