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educamp for universiti teknologi petronas jan'09 intake

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DiGi Male
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  #1 Old 15-12-2008 Default educamp for universiti teknologi petronas jan'09 intake

well, since no one is starting a thread on educamp for utp january2009 intake i think its appropriate 4 me 2 start this thread.
those who got the invitation to attend educamp please write down their particulars(name, location, course offered) so that those attending the educamp can get to know each other first.
for your information, im a fellow utpian who got the sponsorship during the july2008 intake. Will try to answer questions but you can refer to several other threads on universiti teknologi petronas.
fellow utpians are welcome to join in the discussion!
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abuzar Male
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  #2 Old 15-12-2008 Default Re: educamp for universiti teknologi petronas jan'09 intake

i am also here.same batch with DiGi.
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  #3 Old 15-12-2008 Default Re: educamp for universiti teknologi petronas jan'09 intake

utp oh utp...
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henry_yew Male
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  #4 Old 15-12-2008 Default Re: educamp for universiti teknologi petronas jan'09 intake

Hey, I'm not aware of how many UTPians in the July 2008 semester are fellow ReComers here!

All right, I was a student facilitator for the EduCamp in 2006 and 2007. I am not aware if there have been any changes in the interviews and tests since 2008, as I was involved with the Minggu Aluan Siswa as a facilitator in January 2008.

Assuming that everything stays the same, this is how the EduCamp will be conducted.

It will be a three-days two-nights event. On the first day of EduCamp, you are required to register yourself and check into your rooms. After the registration process, parents and students are required to go to the Chancellor Hall (ONLY IF YOUR EDUCAMP IS IN UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI PETRONAS - students are required to attend the EduCamp anywhere but UTP will have different briefing venues) where a special briefing will be conducted by the Education Sponsorship Unit (ESU).

The first day is mainly about sponsorship briefing and corporate briefing. At night, there will be facilitators from the ESU as well as staff of UTP, together with student facilitators, to facilitate activities and ice-breakers.

In the second day, you will be sitting for your English Proficiency Test (EPT) and Critical Reasoning Test (CRT). The English Proficiency Test consists of four parts, of which there will be Multiple Choice Questions. The Critical Reasoning Test is similar to the ASEAN Scholarship General Ability Test - it tests a student's Intelligence Quotient (IQ). There are examples given in the first page of the CRT as a guideline on how to answer the questions, but there had been situations when students cannot comprehend what the CRT is about and actually even asked me on how to answer such questions. As a facilitator, I was only allowed to explain on the how-to based on the guidelines in the first page. Do note that not all facilitators would know how to help out with problems regarding the CRT as MARA scholars and private scholars did not sit for the CRT.

As such, my advice is that you attempt some IQ questions as preparation, or gauge your own IQ abilities. You can try the Mensa Workout here: as just a preliminary preparation. The real CRT questions are nothing like the Mensa Workout. The CRT mainly focuses on pattern recognition and mathematics.

As for the EPT, my advice is that you have a good command of English. An A1 in SPM English does not mean that you have a good command of English. (Please, many students in my university claim that they have A1 for their English and yet their English is sometimes beyond comprehension.) Personally, the GCE "O" English grading is far more reliable. If you can get a "2" (better if "1") for GCE "O" English, then you're safe enough. Do note that there will be a listening component in the EPT, meaning you will need to listen to a passage through the PA system and answer the questions that follow. Of course, there is a possibility that they might remove the listening component. The speeches in the listening component bear a British accent.

The final EduCamp component is the interview, which is known as Potentia [sic] J. Normally they would divide students into three or four separate sessions, of which each student will be assigned to only one interview session. The sessions are arranged according to different schedules. Two will be in the morning, and two will be in the afternoon.

During the interview, each student will also be assigned to a particular group with six persons at most in each group. Every student will be given a case study to analyse and there will be issues for you to resolve. A suggested resolution is given but it is not necessary for you to agree with that resolution. Often, you are encouraged to come up with a better resolution. You will be given 30 minutes only to prepare for your case study. The case studies can range from Cyber-crime issues, environmental issues, etc. The ESU has a library of FIVE different case studies for the EduCamp, as far as I am aware.

The interview is conducted in two parts. In the first part, each student, or participant, will enter the interview room where there will be two interviewers (they can be ESU staff or university staff). You will be required to present your case study and to also declare whether you agree with the suggested resolution or if you have another better resolution to suggest. The interviewers may also ask questions pertaining to your resolution as well as seeking for further clarifications from you. Thus, you are required to prepare your case study well and defend your resolution with strong justifications.

After the last member of your group has been interviewed, the whole group will be called into the interview room where you will all then discuss on the resolutions that you have come up with. You are all encouraged to pour in ideas within the next 40 minutes and come up with a consensus regarding your resolution to the given case study. Remember that the consensus to the resolution must be unanimous; it should not be as a result of a vote.

A member of the group will then be elected as the representative to present the findings of the group. Remember that just because someone is elected to represent the group does not mean that that individual will stand a better chance to secure the sponsorship. Keep in mind that despite electing a representative to present your findings, your interviewer will ensure that every member is involved in the final presentation as well. You should also know that during the 40-minute discussion within your group, the interviewers will actually be present and observe every detail of your discussion. They may pretend not to take note, but do not let that fool you. Use every minute that you have to make a good impression, whether or not the interviewers are taking note of what you are saying.

And you're done with EduCamp! Pack up and go home, or go for a holiday nearby!
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  #5 Old 15-12-2008 Default Re: educamp for universiti teknologi petronas jan'09 intake

Like for me..we had been divided in to 2 groups..
AB n CD...
AB will have interview 1st in the morning while CD will have test in the morning...
then vice versa in the evening

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abuzar Male
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  #6 Old 17-12-2008 Default Re: educamp for universiti teknologi petronas jan'09 intake

i had my interview in Rajah Court Hotel,Kuching.
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