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Psychology or Social Work?

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I'm about to finish my pre-U program and I have to decide in what field should I continue my study for degree. I'm very determined to continue my study in mental healthcare area but I'm kind of in a dilemma right now. I've spent so much time looking up on the Internet about these to fields, Psychology and Social Work. So I think I got the idea of how these two fields are different from each other but I'm not sure about their future in Malaysia. Oh, and I've just learned that a social worker earns less than a psychologist does but how much less is it? I mean, is it too bad? Are social workers paid so small that they have to do part time jobs for a living? Please don't get me wrong, I'm really honest about helping others but I have to make sure I can survive in the future. So salary is a very important matter to me.

Guys, if anybody of you out there knows better about this, please reply to this this post coz I really need a guidance right now. Which path should I take? What about their future in Malaysia?

Thank you.
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