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2nd Integrated Resort in Sentosa Island

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  #1 Old 27-10-2006 Default 2nd Integrated Resort in Sentosa Island

I am sure many ReComers are following closely this issue of 2nd Integrated Resort in Sentosa Island, which is going to change the tourism sphere in South East Asia.

A little background info for those who have not been following up the news. Genting (with partnership of Universal Studios and Star Cruise), Kerzner (with partnership of Capitaland) and Eighth Wonder are fighting for that prized investment, which would result in a massive S$5 billion or more of investment.

Any thoughts of ReComers on this deal? Hope that this could be a good discussion topic for ReComers to look at various deals that would impact Malaysia. Would we gain or lose out in this deal? Would we get the spill over effect from this integrated resort?

If Genting gets the deal, would it bring upon cannibalization to its Genting Highlands Resort? or would it be a greater synergy? Would Malaysia receives fewer tourists? Would tourists spend fewer days in Malaysia? or directly opposite? More tourists and more days spent in Malaysia?

If Genting does not win this deal, should Southern Johor Economic Region gives up on Disneyland idea, and offers the opportunities to Genting and Universal Studios to build a massive theme park there? Or would our idea of Disneyland be better ? SJER would announce its masterplan in November, and there would be massive billion-ringgit investment theme park there as well.
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it reminds me of E Village
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