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Conference on Modern Biotechnology (13-14 Aug 2007)

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  #1 Old 25-07-2007 Default Conference on Modern Biotechnology (13-14 Aug 2007)

There will be a conference on modern biotechnology by Malaysian Biotechnology Information Center on 13-14 Aug 2007 at Hilton KL.

It is only RM50 for students and RM150 for public for 1st 150 participants.

The Topics
* Benefits and Risks of Modern Biotechnology: Providing Clear Accurate and Objective Information
* Benefits of Modern Biotechnology in Medicine and Pharmaceuticals
* Islamic Perspectives on Modern Biotechnology
* The First 10 Years of Transgenic Technology
* Biosafety
* Development of Biotechnology in Malaysia
* The Role of Transgenic Technology in Helping to Fulfill the National Agriculture Policy
* Risk Communication and Awareness to Consumers and Relevance of Agribiotechnology to Food Security
* Experiences in Other Countries
* Analysis on Misconceptions of GMOs
* Scientific Risk Assessments

For enquiries and registration please contact:

Malaysian Biotechnology Information Centre (MABIC)
Tel: 603-5514 6178
Fax: 603-5514 6184
Email: joel AT

Brochure at

Speakers are listed in the Brochure above.
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i've called tat person in charge bout that conference about tat biotechnology and tat person reli rude to me!!! juz like dun want to layan me.... just make dunno about what i want though the first time he admit his name and he told me he is in charge with tat conference stuffs....!!! waT a ShAME !!!
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What did you ask the person? I guess it might just be a miscommunication. If to sign up, I think the person should be able and willing to take up your sign-ups. I still think that all these kind of very useful conference, we should have a lot more people go and learn. There is just tons of learning happening at such events.
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