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Judas by Lady Gaga - Offensive or not?

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Alexis Ma
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  #11 Old 03-05-2011 Default Re: Judas by Lady Gaga - Offensive or not?

I'd like to talk about another angle to this whole affair. It's a question of who owns such cultural icons nowadays.

Judas is a well-known Bibical character. Most of us know that he betrayed Jesus, was the disciple bribed by the high priests. The thing is, Judas has become an internationally-recognised figure. His name is even synonymous with betrayal and being mercenary.

In such a situation, I argue that Judas has become genericised. The Christians don't own the right to use Judas. Lady Gaga can use him any way she likes.
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The Student
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  #12 Old 03-05-2011 Default Re: Judas by Lady Gaga - Offensive or not?

It's only offensive because you think so, end of story...
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Dominic Male
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  #13 Old 03-05-2011 Default Re: Judas by Lady Gaga - Offensive or not?

I can never understand why people find songs and books (Da Vinci Code, anyone?) offensive. In the end, that's all they are; words. Why is everyone getting so upset over them?
"But what do you say to taking chances,
What do you say to jumping off the edge?
Never knowing if there's solid ground below
Or hand to hold, or hell to pay,
What do you say,
What do you say?"

And thus laments the hopeless romantic that is yours truly.
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chocolatefreak Female
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  #14 Old 16-05-2011 Default Re: Judas by Lady Gaga - Offensive or not?

I agree that it is only words, but since everyone is free to express their opinion, the Christian community should be allowed to express their dissatisfaction and anger about how Lady Gaga intentionally or unintentionally used an important biblical significance in a manner that was offensive to them.
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FoxyWoxy25 Male
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  #15 Old 16-05-2011 Default Re: Judas by Lady Gaga - Offensive or not?

It's a song, get over it. Same furore occurred after the first episode of Californication, where Hank was shown to be given head by a nun in church. Turns out, it was a great show, and they re-did that scene in a more recent episode with the same outcome. Basically, America's free speech policy gives artists/writers the freedom to convey their message however they want. As much as the Christian community complains about things like these, it's not going to stop. At the end of the day, it's just entertainment.
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GirlNextDoor15 Female
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  #16 Old 28-03-2012 Default Re: Judas by Lady Gaga - Offensive or not?

The word 'offensive' is subjective obviously. If Judaism preaches good qualities in humans, then I don't see why not.

Originally Posted by iAdoreNaz View Post
I disapprove this song.
Just doesn't like it.
Plus,seems like she's praising the Jew ( Judais , Judas )
Judais = Freemason = Illuminati = I DISLIKE !
I'm neither a fan of Lady GaGa or any forms of religious beliefs but imo, this post is rather uneducated, appalling and full of consummate assumptions!
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