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Educamp 2009

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jov Male
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  #321 Old 06-01-2010 Default Re: Educamp 2009

Hi harfan,

nice to meet you ...your plans sounds great. I would love to do that if I have the $$ to spare

regards to your question, personally have no experience but best approach I think is to call and ask the admission/registration unit. Just my opinion, though
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Originally Posted by Harfan View Post
Hey there jov,

well we actually on the same boat. By the way, i'm SPM leaver, offered for mechanical engineering in UTP. I still don't know wether to go or not cause the course is mechanical engineering. I really want to do civil engineering. Erm...but nevertheless, here's my plan: Take the offer by UTP and live through the first semester. In the meantime, apply for UPU and if got some nice U with my dream course, then I will dropped from UTP. Well, that's the plan anyway.....

I have some question:

1. Can I change the course offered??
hi there, harfan. im a 1st year student here in utp. is it true that there's no sponsorship provided for ur 1st semester? is there any reason behind this?

for ur question, i dont think that they allow that, at least there's no such cases around me. but to be sure, u can always call and clarify with those esu officials.

and getting 2.75(or 3.00?) and above is not difficult, provided u put in some effort and do everything asked for by ur lecturers.

hope this helps.
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hi guys..i hope i am not too late for this..

im a UTP student from july09 intake with stpm qualification..well..for my case(or rathermy batch case)..we too did not offer any sponsorship when we were accepted to UTP..all we did was go to UTP & start our studies..but fortunately,about 3-4 weeks later,some of us got a call from ESU PETRONAS KLCC, telling us tht we were offered a sponsorship from it was like a gamble for us to quit our respective IPTA(since we are the Other-Qualification Intake)and join UTP..

hope this "news" will cheer u guys up somehow..

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hi im new so i reali dono where to post so i post here.

when does petronas usually inform the applicants if they are shorlisted? if i applied for january 11' then will they inform me around december?

Originally Posted by xellos View Post
Self sponsored student means you pay the tuition free simplified,private student - no scholarship.

I think this is mainly due to your application, because you checked this clause

"Sekiranya permohonan anda untuk kemasukan ke UTP dengan penajaan PETRONAS adalah tidak berjaya, adakah anda bersetuju untuk dipertimbangkan kemasukan ke UTP dengan penajaan lain atau sebagai pelajar persendirian?


Well,again in order to gain admission to UTP, interview is compulsory.
when i applied, i did not encounter that statement on whether i still wanted to enter utp regardless with or w/o scholarships. why is that? im applying for jan 11'.

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educamp, petronas

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