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Bubble Sort in various programming languages

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luke Male
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  #1 Old 01-12-2008 Smile Bubble Sort in various programming languages

Just for fun, let's share codes for Bubble Sort algorithm in any programming languages here.


$data = array(
'Perlis', 'Kedah', 'Pulau Pinang',
'Perak', 'Selangor', 'Wilayah Persekutuan',
'Negeri Sembilan', 'Melaka', 'Johor',
'Pahang', 'Terengganu', 'Kelantan',
'Sarawak', 'Sabah');

for ($i = 0; $i < count($data); $i++) {
  for ($j = count($data) - 1; $j > $i; $j--) {
    if ($data[$j] < $data[$j - 1]) {
      $t = $data[$j];
      $data[$j] = $data[$j - 1];
      $data[$j - 1] = $t;

print '<pre>' . print_r($data, true) . '</pre>';
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chongkeat Male
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  #2 Old 02-12-2008 Default Re: Bubble Sort in various programming languages

I'm not familiar with PHP, but from what I see, you:

Create an array.

do for number of data in array (variable A)
do for number of data - 1, while it is larger than A (variable B)
switch the data in positions array A & B if... (OK, now I'm confused.)

A bubble sort is kinda like stepping through a list and sorting each one through? Like this?

And I don't really know this part. I know we shouldn't be spoonfed, but can you please explain with comments or something?
if ($data[$j] < $data[$j - 1]) {
$t = $data[$j];
$data[$j] = $data[$j - 1];
$data[$j - 1] = $t;
You're sorting according to the word length, right? So, I guess $data[] is something like a letter count?

*Looking up Bubble Sort*
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luke Male
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Join Date: Nov 2003
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  #3 Old 02-12-2008 Default Re: Bubble Sort in various programming languages

The sorting algorithm is called "Bubble Sort" because smaller (or larger) elements move towards the end of the sequence, just like how bubble rises from the bottom of a lake to the surface.

let's say i have 2,4,3,5,1.
first step, i compare 1 to 5, 1 is less than 5 so we swap: 2,4,3,1,5
then compare 1 to 3, 1 is less than 3 so swap again: 2,4,1,3,5
then 1 to 4, again, swap: 2,1,4,3,5
then 1 to 2, swap: 1,2,4,3,5

see how 1 'bubbles' towards the left since it's smaller than all other elements?
now 1 is confirmed as the smallest element in the sequence.

let's continue,
compare 5 to 3, no swap: 1 --- 2,4,3,5
3 to 4, swap: 1 --- 2,3,4,5
3 to 2, no swap: 1 --- 2,3,4,5

now 2 is confirmed as smallest from what's left thus: 1,2 --- 3,4,5

continue until all elements are confirmed as ordered.

implementing it into the code, the outer loop for ($i ... ) handles the ordered vs unordered elements while the inner loop for ($j ... ) handles the actual comparison and swapping.
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algorithm, examples, programming

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