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Contract Essay Writers

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Alexis Ma
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  #1 Old 18-11-2010 Lightbulb Contract Essay Writers

The Shadow Scholar

The man who writes your students' papers tells his story

Jonathan Barkat for The Chronicle Review
By Ed Dante

Editor's note: Ed Dante is a pseudonym for a writer who lives on the East Coast. Through a literary agent, he approached The Chronicle wanting to tell the story of how he makes a living writing papers for a custom-essay company and to describe the extent of student cheating he has observed. In the course of editing his article, The Chronicle reviewed correspondence Dante had with clients and some of the papers he had been paid to write. In the article published here, some details of the assignment he describes have been altered to protect the identity of the student.

The request came in by e-mail around 2 in the afternoon. It was from a previous customer, and she had urgent business. I quote her message here verbatim (if I had to put up with it, so should you): "You did me business ethics propsal for me I need propsal got approved pls can you will write me paper?"

I've gotten pretty good at interpreting this kind of correspondence. The client had attached a document from her professor with details about the paper. She needed the first section in a week. Seventy-five pages.

I told her no problem.

It truly was no problem. In the past year, I've written roughly 5,000 pages of scholarly literature, most on very tight deadlines. But you won't find my name on a single paper.

I've written toward a master's degree in cognitive psychology, a Ph.D. in sociology, and a handful of postgraduate credits in international diplomacy. I've worked on bachelor's degrees in hospitality, business administration, and accounting. I've written for courses in history, cinema, labor relations, pharmacology, theology, sports management, maritime security, airline services, sustainability, municipal budgeting, marketing, philosophy, ethics, Eastern religion, postmodern architecture, anthropology, literature, and public administration. I've attended three dozen online universities. I've completed 12 graduate theses of 50 pages or more. All for someone else.

You've never heard of me, but there's a good chance that you've read some of my work. I'm a hired gun, a doctor of everything, an academic mercenary. My customers are your students. I promise you that. Somebody in your classroom uses a service that you can't detect, that you can't defend against, that you may not even know exists.

I work at an online company that generates tens of thousands of dollars a month by creating original essays based on specific instructions provided by cheating students. I've worked there full time since 2004. On any day of the academic year, I am working on upward of 20 assignments.

In the midst of this great recession, business is booming. At busy times, during midterms and finals, my company's staff of roughly 50 writers is not large enough to satisfy the demands of students who will pay for our work and claim it as their own.

You would be amazed by the incompetence of your students' writing. I have seen the word "desperate" misspelled every way you can imagine. And these students truly are desperate. They couldn't write a convincing grocery list, yet they are in graduate school. They really need help. They need help learning and, separately, they need help passing their courses. But they aren't getting it... [continued in link below]
Quoted from

A penny for your thoughts, all of you. This article brings to mind that time when I wrote two essays for a teaching college graduate for an assignment of hers.

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slappyfin3 Male
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  #2 Old 18-11-2010 Default Re: Contract Essay Writers

Nice article, I think this brings the question running away from one's problems and the quality of education. If these students are really as desperate as they are that they have to resort to cheating, then what kinds of professionals are they going to turn out as. Will the companies they work for notice their incompetence later on and will they be revealed as frauds or will they just get away with it and continue working as professionals, or even worse as lecturers and teachers.
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Well, I've finished reading the whole article, and I must say that such a scenario does indeed happen in the States (I assume that this takes place in the US).

Despite being native English speakers, not all Americans are able to write well. My mother, who worked in the US for close to two years back in the late 1990s, related to me on how some people did not know how to spell "vegetables". The irony is that my mother, who comes from a Chinese school, does not have an excellent command of the English language, too, and yet she was the one who pointed out the mistakes.

Perhaps I come from a country where English is taught as a second language, but I cannot really agree with Ed Dante that such students are necessarily poor in their command of English. I would say that quite a lot of Malaysians can speak and write English decently. It is no wonder that we are quite welcomed in their universities.

Perhaps they should consider having their own US students sit the TOEFL or IELTS examination to see where their standard of English really stand. The privilege of being American, a native English speaker or from universities where courses are taught in English is that they need not take the TOEFL or IELTS.

Still, God knows how they can "pass" the SAT and GRE.
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unsolvedcryptex Male
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  #4 Old 18-11-2010 Default Re: Contract Essay Writers

The thing about US universities/ college/ graduate schools is that there are thousands of schools.

One can easily find hundreds of students in a not-so-reputable school.

SAT/GRE scores need to be competitive for those who are applying to Competitive schools, but not for those who want admission into non-reputable institutions. All is not the end for those who still wish to pursue their graduate studies. I mean those who still think they "fit" to continue at Grad Schools.
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vikraman Male
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  #5 Old 19-11-2010 Default Re: Contract Essay Writers

Where there is a need, the market will create a supply. If supervisors/lecturers cannot tell the difference between an essay of original work and a random essay generator piece of work based on their knowledge of a student's work and writing style then you can hardly expect the student (who has everything to lose by failing) to take the moral high ground and not cheat.
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henry_yew Male
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  #6 Old 19-11-2010 Default Re: Contract Essay Writers

I couldn't care less about the not-so-reputable schools; those who know what's best for them should be very careful about the type of students they want to be graduate students. It's already bad enough to find students with BS, BA, BEng. and BEd. not receiving the prestige that the older generation used to get, and intellectual dishonesty is especially rampant now.

With all these atrocities happening, what will happen to our MBA, MS, MEng., PhD, DBA, etc.?
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youngyew Male
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  #7 Old 20-11-2010 Default Re: Contract Essay Writers

The biggest impact this article had on me was the realisation of the fact that it's actually possible to write an article which is passable in a university course over a weekend (without much sleep of course). It makes me wonder how much more I could learn if I didn't waste so much time in unproductive things.

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Waterwally Male
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I think it's sad. I mean, that's the first thing that comes in my mind. Sad, sad and sad. I don't know how this system has been so messed up, and isn't it too late for us to realized it? I dont know.

A friend of mine from Mainland China told me this story as well, and parents in China could spend up to SGD2000 for their (only) child's university application. It includes application essay, universities and courses research...everything.

It's just sad, that at the early stage of being educated, one is forced to face this inegalitarian, unfair, yet competitive system. We stopped being true to ourselves since the day we step into schools, and instead, we're forced to be competitive.

I am really sad when I typed all these words. It just like, my heart has been underwater for so many days that it loses all flavors--my feelings--except for one : it becomes a bland,meek piece of muscle.
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